10 Ways Weed Changes Your Body

Weed, or AKA marijuana has been known in the medicinal world to have an extremely positive effect on the human body.

People have come forward claiming weed has helped them with symptoms of various diseases, and in some cases completely eradicate symptoms.

While we know that weed can have a positive effect on the body, there are also negative effects.

We’d like to take the time to share with you the top 10 ways weed affects your body.

10 Ways Weed Changes Your Body:

  1. It could damage blood cells
  2. It could increase testicular cancer
  3. It affects your teeth
  4. It impacts short-term memory
  5. It could hinder creativity
  6. It could help heal broken bones
  7. It could make you poor
  8. It could permanently affect your body odor
  9. It could make you unable to drive
  10. It could prevent you from thinking clearly

While “could” is the overwhelming word here, we want to stress that as with anything, the quantity of consumption matters most.

Rare weed smokers, will most likely not have any long-term affects on their body. Most likely the pleasure and positive experience will stick with your.

Occasional smokers are more likely to generate unwanted body odor and have their memory and awareness affected.

Regular/daily smokers could have long-term brain and memory damage, as well as affected teeth if not taken care of.


All by all, weed unlike alcohol is a soft-drug and becoming legal in more and more U.S. states. While it’s widely known to stimulate creativity and healing, the key to its success is using it in a balanced way.

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Before we let you go, we wanted to share this remarkable video of how weed has affected this Parkinson’s patient’s symptoms in an extremely positive way, almost completely eradicating them.

For more information, contact your local dispensary and ask for them to educate you on the different strains, uses and effects they can have on your body.

Not all strains are experienced the same and have the same effects.

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