100+ Websites That Will Pay you $5,000/Month To Work From Home

If you’re looking to find profitable ways to work from home, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve put together several lists of multiple jobs categorized by how much they can earn you in the long run.

While some jobs may require you on the phone and others won’t we tried having a diversity in type of jobs so that you have the widest range of opportunities possible.

While earning money from home can be more comfortable then going to work at an office, we still need to make sure it’s a job we like.

We hope that this list can give you a better idea of the possibilities that exist when it comes to working from home.

With that being said, let’s have a look at our lists!

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100 Websites That Will Pay you $5,000/Month To Work From Home

46 Work From Home Jobs That Pay Around $2,500/Month

In this list, we’ve listed 46 different companies, websites and positions that pay $10 per hour or more.

While most companies in this list has a base rate of $10/hour, they can easily go up to $15 or more.

31 Work At Home Jobs That Pay Around $3,000/Month

In this list we’ve listed all companies and websites we could find that have a base pay of $12 per hour.

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You may find that some of the same companies are list as in the previous list, only because some of their positions have a base rate of $12/hour rather than $10.

20 Work From Home Companies That Will Pay $5,000/Month

This list takes working from home to the next level.

We’ve listed companies that’ll let you work from home and pay $20 per hour or more.

Some companies are listed to even pay up to $50 per hour.

While not all companies in this list are work from home, we’ve listed some other great earning opportunities like a tutoring gig that pays up to $116 per hour!

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For more work from home opportunities, check out our category list of money making articles!


If you’re tired of going to an office and working in a place you don’t like all day, working from home may be the way to go.

While not all work from home opportunities pay well, we’ve tried putting together a list of legitimate work from home opportunities that have a decent pay.

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If you know of any other work from home opportunities that we haven’t listed, feel free to comment on the comment section below so we can update our list!

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  1. I am a retired LPN, LIVING ON SS DISABILITY. I am a people person but working away from home is difficult due to physical limitations.

  2. I catch on quickly have worked extensively on computers. I am also proficient in communication and work well with people.

  3. I have a retail background and interested in working from home. I am presently working a part-time job in a different field. But my interest is retail. I have a BS Degree in merchandising.

  4. I just bought a great laptoplace now I need a way to make a living with it. Also, I have an identity theft charge from the divorce so no one will hire me.

  5. I am a cancer survivor and was terminated from my job because my position needed to be filled. I was on short term disability. I now need to earn extra income, but need to work from home.

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