Target Debit Card: Save 5% On Every Purchase

Yep, you've read that correctly. Not only does Target have a credit card, but they also have the Target Debit Card.

Unlike their credit card - which also offers discounts -, you don't have their ridiculous 23% interest rate if you decide to go with their Target Debit Card, instead of their credit card.

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Now, not only does Target give you 5% back on every purchase you make with the debit card, but there's also no credit line attached to it, and thus will not affect your credit history whatsoever.

According to a recent study, the average American family spends around $1,024 per month on groceries.

If you decide to use the Target Debit card, you would able to save $614 per year on all those purchases you would otherwise make without that card.

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With that being said, you now have the option to either go with their Target Debit Card or Credit Card.

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Both have plusses and negatives, but one may be safer and more effective than the other.

Have you used their debit card? Do you love it? Feel free to share your experience in the comment section down below!

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