5 Natural Cleaning Products Without Harmful Chemicals


Recently my girlfriend and I had a conversation about if we were going to hire a cleaning lady or not. We used to have one about a year ago, but for health reasons she wasn't able to clean as often as we'd like her to. Over time we had grown close to her and weren't really in a place where we were ready to look for someone else. So we decided to take matter into our own hands and started cleaning the house ourselves. 


I then started paying more attention to the products we were using after watching a slightly disturbing documentary on Netflix about a connection between miscarriages and harmful chemicals in products we use every day. Interviewees and participants in the documentary were claiming the food they ate and the products they used had caused health issues to both themselves and their children, or in some of their cases, resulted into miscarriage. 

natural cleaning products


I knew we always did our best trying to live as healthy as possible. We buy and eat organic food as much as can, but I hadn't paid attention to the products we were using. I know we buy them at the same store as we buy our organic food. So I grabbed a few products and decided to do some research. 


I was happy to learn that the products we had weren't carrying any of the harming chemicals mentioned in the documentary. I'm not claiming that the products I'm using and presenting in this list are perfectly harmless, but after doing quite some research I personally believe these are healthier and safer the most products out there. Do not buy these products based on my opinion. I always do extensive research before I buy anything and never make purchasing decisions based on random people's opinions.


Frankly, we should be boycotting the companies who dare to put products on the shelves containing chemicals which can cause harm to our bodies. I can't belief they are allowed to sell products with those specific chemicals still in them and can't belief some people keep on buying them.


In case you're curious about the cleaning products I'm using, I've made a list where you can have a look at what they are, what they do and why I buy them.


Product Nr.1: Parsley Plus All Surface Cleaner 22 oz Liquid



This is one of my favorite products which I use on a daily basis. I always buy 6 of these at a time, because I run out of them so quickly. It has a very distinctive "parslyish" smell and is perfect for cleaning surfaces such as countertops, tables and kitchen surfaces.

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Sorry if I sound like one of those informercial people, bear with me!


It's pretty much a product I use to clean anything. It works REALLY well and smells really good. I use it for a ton of stuff, even though it may not be meant for this, but I sometimes use it to clean glass surfaces and mirrors. There's another product mentioned on this list which is specifically made to use for glass surfaces and mirrors, but this one does as good of a job in my opinion.


I basically use it for anything, although it's recommended to only use for surfaces like countertops and tables.


Short Description: 100% All Natural!* - 1,4-Dioxane Free - Formaldehyde Free - Petrochemical Free - Neutral pH - Cleans with the Power of Parsley - Great for use on Countertops and Appliances! - Design for the Environment U.S EPA - Cleaning agent derived from coconut oil.


If you're interested in finding some more information about this product and/or interested in purchasing this product, feel free to click here.


Product Nr.2: Earth Friendly Products Window Cleaner with Vinegar



This is the window/glass cleaner I was talking about in the previous product. I have it, but honestly use the parsley one more. My girlfriend insists we use the window one for glass surfaces, but I don't really notice a difference. 


The only real difference you'll notice is the smell, since this product doesn't have the parsley smell. Mainly because it does't have any of those harmful chemicals in it - which is the whole point of it -, you'll notice it doesn't really have any smell it all.


We still buy them in a pack of six because that way it'll be a bit cheaper, but in the end it will just last longer because of the fact we use it less compared to the parsley one.


Short Description: No toxins - No Petrochemicals - No Bleach - No Ammonia - No Phosphates or other harmful ingredients.


If you're interested in reading some information and/or purchasing this product, feel free to click here.


Product Nr.3: Earth Friendly Products Creamy Cleanser, Non-Abrasive



This product is magic. I mainly use it to clean the bathtub, toilets, sinks and shower walls. It gets rid of absolutely everything. It really cleans everything thoroughly. The only thing I don't like about it, is that I have to scrub really hard to get the cleanser off of the shower wall. 

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The texture is a much thicker and completely white. I'd say completely different from the window cleaner and the parsley one. I put it on a rag or old cloth to clean the bath tub. When I use it to clean the toilet I'll just put it on the toilet brush and scrub the sides with the brush.


Besides that, I love it. It's kind of like using the big guns. I use the parsley one for most of it, except when things are too dirty or greasy, then I'll use this one.


Short Description: A natural based cream cleanser that is extremely effective at cleaning stainless steel, porcelain, hard surface counters and corian counter tops. The lemon oil based product is a non abrasive cleaner.


If you're interested in finding some information and/or purchasing this product, feel free to click here.


Product Nr.4: Earth Friendly Products Furniture Polish with Olive Oil



This one I use on furniture, as it says on the label. Mainly on our couches, tables, desks and chairs. 


It doesn't really have any sent and just simply does what it's suppose to do. When I clean furniture I use this one or the parsley one. I'd say probably the furniture one more. Mainly because it has a different texture and you can clearly see the effectual difference between using this one and the parsley one on furniture. 


I'm okay with using the parsley one on chairs and tables, but when it comes to couches or anything else that has some sort of leather, I'll use the furniture polish.


Short Description: No toxins - No Petrochemicals No Bleach - No Ammonia - No Phosphates or other harmful ingredients.


If you're interested in finding some information and/or purchasing this product, feel free to click here.


Product Nr.5: Cleaning Stone



This stone is priceless. I only use it to clean the toilets. I first and foremost will use the creamy cleanser. Then, if there are still marks left, I'll use the stone and literally rub it over the marks, which will make all of the marks go away. Afterwards I'll flush the toilet and go over it one last time with the cleanser.

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I remember my girlfriend telling me she had a really hard time finding this one, so I figured it would be worth mentioning in this article. 


Short Description: Versatile 100% natural pumice hard surface cleaning aid for ceramic tile, porcelain, concrete, brick, stone work, hard metals and hard plastics. Removes stubborn lime, rust, stains and paint. Cleans workshop and garden tools, swimming pools and barbecues. Safe for skin. Safe to use and store around animals.


If you're interested in finding some information and/or purchasing this product, feel free to click here.


I forgot what the documentary was called. I know I watched it a few months ago, but Netflix keeps changing their catalog every month, so it's pretty hard for me to go back and find out what it was called. Nonetheless, it made enough of an impact on me to start paying more attention to what we put in our bodies, what's in the products we use daily and what we surround ourselves with.


I know my girlfriend is really good with these kind of things. I always thought it was cute she wanted to buy healthy products and organic things. Maybe I just wasn't as aware of it because I know that in Europe they've banned a ton of harmful chemicals from being put in products. So we never had to question if products were safe or not. I automatically assumed the U.S. had the same laws, but I was wrong.


Luckily I became aware of these things before we knew we were pregnant and so I decided to go overboard making sure all of the products we put on our registry were organic, BPA & PVC free. I'm not an expert at these things, but I paid attention close enough and did enough research to know what could be harmful. I realized there are a lot of things out there containing harmful chemicals.


If anything, I've learned that we shouldn't just trust everything that companies put on our shelves and it's worth doing some research before we buy certain products. There have been plenty of studies out there connecting ADD and ADHD to certain foods and products containing certain harmful chemicals. 


What about you? Do you pay attention to any of these things? Is it the first time you've heard about any of this while reading this post? I'd love to hear what you think.


Natural Cleaning Products

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