My March 2016 Blog Income Report ($1,550.40)

As a personal finance blogger who looks for creative and fun ways to earn passive income, I feel like I have an obligation to share with you what some of my own personal favorite ways are to generate passive income.

With that being said, after hours and hours of research, I’ve decided that blogging is still one of the most fun ways for me to generate passive income.


  • I can write about my passion and interest
  • I can earn as much as I want, depending on how much energy I put into it
  • I earn money even if I decide to not work for a few days

To me, that’s just the dream.

blog income reports

If you’re interested in starting your own blog. I’ve created an easy step-by-step guide where I will guide you through the process of getting hosting and setting up your blog ready to make money. I’ve also included a special hosting discount link (only available through my link) which will not only give you a huge discount, but also a FREE domain).

Unlike investing, rental opportunities and any other sources of passive income, blogging allows you to have fun while making money, on top of obviously having fun spending money.

But enough about what’s cool about blogging.

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I wrote this article with the intention to share with you some of the opportunities that arise while being a blogger. On top of that, I hope this post will serve as some sort of motivational tool to show you that yes, it is possible to earn money in a non traditional way.

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Therefore I’ve decided to show you guys just the tip of the iceberg of what my passive income I generated looks like, during the month of March in 2016 through this blog.

Here we go!

March 2016 Earnings

Affiliate Marketing

Bluehost: $1,105

Bluehost has been a great source of income. For those of you who don’t know anything about blogging, Bluehost is a hosting company that you will initially have to sign up with in order to start blogging.

There are some other hosting companies out there, but after trying a handful of different ones I’ve decided Bluehost is the best choice for me.

The way I earn this income and receive commission from them is by referring people to their website incase they are interested in starting a blog.

As an affiliate partner, I have access to a special hosting deal I can offer you guys in case you are interested in starting a blog of your own, that you can only find through this link.

Not only that, but if you sign up using my link you’ll also receive your domain for FREE.


Mediavine: $445.40

I recently switched to MediaVine and am absolutely loving them.

I initially started out with Google’s Adsense, which honestly was a complete joke compared to the revenue I’m receiving from MediaVine.

Though, I have to mention that at the time I was using Adsense I had way less traffic then today, so before I judge their performance I would have to switch back to make a legitimate comparison, which I’m not going to do.

Regardless, I absolutely love the way MediaVine works. Their revenue user dashboard is amazing which allows you to manage everything. Their response team and customer service is extremely helpful and in general their just an amazing group of people doing an amazing job.

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Couldn’t be more happy with them.

Total: $1550.40

What I Learned Up Until March.

When this blog started becoming more and more successful in the sense of attracting more visitors and generating more revenue, I immediately started thinking ways of how I could replicate/duplicate this kind of success.

Should I start another blog? Should I start another online business?

With that being said, I see the importance of diversifying earnings when it comes to passive income.

Because just like a regular job, you could run into unforeseen circumstances that will prevent you from earning money through your only passive income source.

But, that trouble could be way less stressful if you for example had another source of passive income, which would not only double your initial income, but would also act as a backup source.

That’s exactly why I like creating passive income sources. Because it is impossible to take on another real full time job to create a emergency income source. With passive income, you can do that easily.

Just like investing, I’m thinking of creating a portfolio of different blogs/websites to create a safety net of income.

What The Future Holds.

I’m currently in the process of completing my second website, which I will announce once ready on this blog for you guys to check out.

I’m seeing more and more the importance of diversifying the bigger this blog becomes.

Therefore I’ve set my goals for 2016 to have at least 3 different websites that will act as 3 different streams of passive income.

Bottom Line.

Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. It’s more of a, work your butt of scheme and after a while you can relax and easily manage your blog a few hours a month while making thousands of dollars.

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But in order to get to that point you HAVE to put in the work.

After that you wish you would’ve started this earlier in life.

If you’re interested in starting a blog, I’ve created a step-by-step tutorial that will guide you through the process, along with of course an amazing hosting deal which is only available through my link, which will also give you your domain for FREE.


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    1. Hi Erin!

      Passive income usually is income you don’t have to work for.
      For example: Your ROI on your stock investments is passive income. Each quarter you receive an amount, which you did not have to actively work for.
      I consider blogging to be some form of passive income, though many may not agree that it really is.
      You see, you still need to work and put in effort in order to receive payment, stitch would make it active income.
      I think the main reason I consider it to be passive income, is because unlike a regular job, if I were to decide to not work on my blog for a week, I would still receive income. Meaning I would receive passive income from it.
      Hope this explains it a little bit :-).


    1. Hi Joshua,

      Thanks for your comment. I do offer Skype sessions where I can explain you my methods and how I approach everything.
      If this is something you are interested in, feel free to contact me!


  1. Thank you for sharing this. It blows my mind seeing how well some blogs can do each month. I dream to someday be able to post and share my monthly income reports for my readers as well. If anyone reads these comments I am happy to give my opinion on bluehost, I started my blog using bluehost a few months ago and they have been great for me. It is wonderful to see that they give back to thier owners via the affiliate program. Well I hope you continue to share your reports, it is motivating to see how well you can do.

    Thank you again,

    The Broke Dad

  2. I just want to get out of the pot of crabs with out being pulled back in. I also would like to learn how to make a little bit more money than what I have now!

  3. Hello. It’s me Bapi majumder from India. I really need your help so that I can earn money online. Please help me…

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