How To Legitimately Have Free Internet at Home

Yes, believe it or not. There is actually a way – or a loophole so to speak – to have free internet at home.

Nope, this is not a clickbait or scam article.

How To Have Free Internet At Home?

I recently moved to a new city and had to start all over again.

Get a new apartment, set up electricity, utilities and obviously internet.

I use internet for work, every day. So it was extremely necessary for me to have it set up at my apartment right away.

To protect the internet provider this event occurred with, I won’t be sharing the name of this internet provider.

A few days after I moved into my new apartment, I have the internet guy come over to my new apartment to set up my router.

Prior to this appointment, I had set up an account with the internet provider which would allow me to have internet immediately upon instal of the router.

Half an hour into the installation, the service guy comes back to me with some bad news.

The wiring in my building was done very poorly, and my internet cable was damaged and exposed preventing me from having decent internet, and as a result would prevent the internet service provider from starting my service with them.

I immediately took to appropriate steps, contacting my leasing office, setting up an appointment to have maintenance look at the problem and hopefully get it fixed as soon as possible.

The reality is, that without internet I can not work.

So I decided to do what everyone would do, and that is log on to my computer and look for any unprotected wifi networks or free hotspots.

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Unfortunately, I didn’t find any unprotected wifi hubs, but I did find one hotspot that turned out to be provided by the same internet provider I was about to start my service with.

I did what everyone else would do, which is use their free hour they provide for everyone. Afterwards I looked at their plans and decided to purchase their week plan.

I needed internet, and hoping my problem would be fixed within a week, a week plan also seemed to be their most cost effective plan.

The next day arrived, and I realized when I purchased my week plan that they would only give me access to the device I decided to purchase the plan on, which unfortunately was not my computer which I do all of my work on.

Stupid mistake!

But, then it occurred to me that there might be a grey area here. A loophole.

You see, when I logged on to their hotspot, it asked if I was an existing customer with them or not.

When I bought the week plan, I clicked I wasn’t a customer, simply because I am not a customer with them.

At that point, I actually realized I did become a customer, however due to the maintenance issue my account was set on hold by their service guy.

Even though the account was set on hold, that didn’t change the fact that I had received a login username and password.

So, I went back to their hotspot login screen and simply chose “I am an existing customer”, filled in my account info and surely I was logged in, having access to free internet.

First I thought it was too good to be true, but surely I entered the same information on another device, and that device also started having internet.

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Even though I would love to have legitimate high speed internet – which I would pay for like any other person -, there is a grey area here which you could end up having internet for free.

I’m not sure how long an account could last on hold and stay unnoticed, but technically you should be able to use it indefinitely.

Simply because the internet provider maintenance guy will not come back out here until I give them notice that the hardware issue is fixed.

Leaving me with an account on hold, which gives me access to their free hotspot.

It may not sound like magic, but the reality is that I am not paying for internet, having an account on hold which allowed me to have access to their free hotspot.

It’s a grey area, but it’s still a way to have free internet.

PS: I’m still pushing to have my regular internet fixed and installed a soon as possible.

Yes, I could probably get away with this, but it wouldn’t be morally right. Yet, if you need internet, this may be a good trick for you.

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