My June 2016 Blog Income Report ($1,513.72)

Welcome to my June blog income report, where I show you exactly how I made money with my blog last month.

Let’s have a look at this month’s update.

If you’re new to How To Live In The U.S., you may wonder why I would share my blog income in the form of reports.

Well, simply because when I started out as a blogger, I knew absolutely nothing about how to grow and successfully manage a blog.

Because of other wonderful bloggers sharing their experiences, advice and the way they created income with their blogs, I was able to figure out some important key parts to creating and growing a successful blog.

So, I decided to give back to the blogging community by sharing the way I run my blog and make money off of it, simply because I know how inspiring it can be to read over and over again how people are growing their blog.

It’s motivating, educational and can help you discover new ways you never thought of managing and growing your own own blog.

Even though I’ve decided not to publish an income report every month, it’s still an excellent way to track the progress I’ve made so far and really makes me reflect on how far I’ve come since the very beginning.

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June 2016 Total Income Breakdown

Total revenue for June 2015: $1,513.72

In general, June was another great month! Even though I didn’t write a report for May, I can say that May wasn’t that bad of a month either.

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The difference between this month and March’s income report, is that most of the revenue in March came from one huge spike in traffic that lasted for about one week, which resulted in higher ad revenue and affiliate sales.

Unlike March’s income report, I’m glad to see that June’s performance was overall very good, and not determined by one specific article going viral.

All articles performed very well in June and while there were some big spikes, there was not a huge spike like in March that got in all the revenue.

Even though I like consistency, huge spikes are always welcome, but when a month is consistent, you know your blog is overall doing really well.

Traffic is up as well, and even though again traffic in March was huge because of one post going viral, I can now officially say that we’ve passed well over 100,000 page views this month, simply by having a lot of June’s articles performing well.

Things That I’ve Done Differently This Month

I’ve made a huge change this month. I’ve switched from posting one article per week, to writing and posting one article every day.

When I first started, I started out by posting one article ever other week. Then, at the beginning of this month I switched to one article every week. Next, I switched to releasing an article every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Eventually I added Sunday to the schedule.

Then I decided to come up with one month worth of articles. This translated in to having 30 articles ready in my draft section. Because of this I had plenty of articles to make a schedule change to dropping one article every day, which has made a huge difference.

Since this change, more articles have been performing better and more people are visiting the blog.

Even though the Summer is suppose to be a low season for bloggers (because let’s be honest, people would rather spend their time outside than inside on their devices), I wouldn’t be surprised if traffic is even higher in July because of this posting schedule change.

Blog Income Breakdown

Let’s have a look at all of the difference ways I made money with my blog this month.

Bluehost: $455.00

Bluehost has been a great source of income. For those of you who don’t know anything about blogging, Bluehost is a hosting company that you will initially have to sign up with in order to start blogging.

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There are some other hosting companies out there, but after trying a handful of different ones I’ve decided Bluehost is the best choice for me.

The way I earn this income and receive commission from them is by referring people to their website incase they are interested in starting a blog.

As an affiliate partner, I have access to a special hosting deal I can offer you guys in case you are interested in starting a blog of your own, that you can only find through this link.

Not only that, but if you sign up using my link you’ll also receive your domain for FREE.

Mediavine: $596.72

I switched to MediaVine only a few months ago and am absolutely loving them.

I initially started out with Google’s Adsense, which honestly was a complete joke compared to the revenue I’m currently receiving from MediaVine.

Though, I have to mention that at the time I was using Adsense I had way less traffic than today, so before I judge their performance I would have to switch back to make a legitimate comparison, which I’m not going to do.

Regardless, I absolutely love the way MediaVine works. Their revenue user dashboard is amazing which allows you to manage everything. Their response team and customer service is extremely helpful and in general their just an amazing group of people doing an amazing job.

Couldn’t be more happy with them.

Sponsored Work: $462.00

This month was a good month for sponsored work.

I usually focus more on increasing my affiliate and advertising revenue.

I got approached to do sponsored work, and when I discovered the company that approached me had very valuable information for our readers, I decided to take the opportunity.

What I Wish I Would’ve Done Earlier?


Even though I’ve had my Pinterest account for over 6 months now, I wish I would’ve gotten to the Pinterest game earlier. Pinterest is such a great traffic driver, and the more my account grows and more followers I get, the higher my blog traffic gets.

I couldn’t have grown my blog if it wasn’t for Tailwind.

For those of you who don’t know, Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduler that allows me to schedule my pins beforehand, so I don’t have to actively pin my articles to other boards. It’s taken so much stress off of my hands and plays a HUGE part in my blogging success.

Btw, if you’re a blogger and would like to use Tailwind, you can use my referral code which will give you access to a FREE month when you upgrade to their plus program.

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I am part of their PLUS program and can honestly say it’s the best money I’ve ever spent. I earned their $99 yearly fee back in less than a week when I started using their scheduler.

Blogging Schedule

I wish I would’ve gotten more focused on creating a tight blog posting schedule. The reason I didn’t was because it just looked so extremely overwhelming, writing a new article every day and coming up with new ideas.

Nonetheless, I reached this one point where I knew I couldn’t ignore it anymore, and so I made the change. I can now say that changing my posting schedule to dropping an article every day was one of the biggest and most important changes I’ve ever made.

Bottom Line

Blogging is absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Some days, weeks and months are less great than others, but in general I can say that my life has changed completely.

There is a general growth happening, and I know my blog will look and be completely different in 6 months then it is right now.

Looking back, I would’ve never guessed I would be at this point with my blog 6 months ago.

Heck, I would’ve never thought in October 2015 that I’d ever earn more than $1,000 with my blog.

But it happened. 

And I know I will hit $10,000 in revenue with my blog very soon. It’s only a matter of time.

I can’t wait for that to happen, because more income means more money that I can use to reinvest in my blog.

Better design, better user experience and maybe even hire professional editors and writers to create better and more valuable articles.

Earning more money is always fun, but I can now honestly say that it’s the blog itself and the purpose that comes with it that keeps the excitement coming.

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  1. Congrats on growing your blogging income, and thank you for sharing your advice! I hadn’t heard of MediaVine until now, I’m going to check it out.

    Enjoy your holiday weekend!

    1. You’re welcome Tamsin!

      I absolutely love working with them and they put a lot of effort into increasing publisher’s revenue.


  2. Omg!! I am nothing but excited for you!!! I’ve been reading your blog since it was a baby and I’m thrilled you’ve accomplished so much! Kudos! And here I am, having given up on my old site n starting a new one :p hoping to finally adopt your precious advice this time 🙂

    1. Hi Fehmeen!

      Long time no see! Sometimes it’s good to completely restart. Good luck with your new site!
      As far as my blog, things have definitely been growing! I wish there were more hours in the day. Multitasking isn’t always easy, but we’re getting there :-).

      Good to hear from you!
      Stay in touch!


  3. Thanks for posting your income reports! I just started my blog a couple months ago and made my first income last week! It was really exciting and motivated me to even do more on my site. It’s because of bloggers posting their income reports that has pushed me into trying this as a source of income. Thanks!!

    1. Hi Warren,

      I tried a bunch of different ways to gain more traffic, but the most effective one to this day has been when I decided to start posting daily.
      I’m even thinking of scheduling multiple posts per day. My page views went from 2,000 to 5,000 in less than a month when I decided to create a daily posting schedule.

      Along with a great Pinterest strategy, I absolutely love the strategy I have going on now!

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