iPhone Blows Up: Caught Live On Camera

Recently Brianna Olives’ iPhone 7 blew up for absolutely no reason.

Bree reported that her iPhone 7 + blew up while not being used.

Can you believe that an iPhone blows up when not being plugged in, nor it being used?

You can find a picture here -> pic.twitter.com/sQ8CJt4Y69.

There have been many reports of iPhones randomly exploding.

While most mobile explosion reports have occurred when the iPhone was actually plugged in and charging, in Brianna’s case her iPhone was not charging.

While many have discussed the lithium battery being the problem, similar occurrences have happened with other mobile brands.

If it does end up showing that the main reason for the explosions is in fact being caused by the lithium battery, we may be looking at a quick fix for that.

Recently, the inventor of the lithium battery has announced a new and improved invention, which is better and different from the lithium battery, charges much faster and lasts much longer.

If similar occurrences were to happen with this new technology will still have to be decided, but it wouldn’t be too far fetched to expect these concerns to be taken into consideration when developing new technologies such as batteries.

Have you had anything happen like this to you? What do you think could be triggering similar explosions in similar devices?

Share your comments below.

If you do not have an iPhone, but have witnessed similar occurrences with other brands, feel free to share your experience and thought on this as well.

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