Hyland’s Teething Tabs Banned From U.S.?

While the FDA warns parents against the use of Hyland’s teething tabs after reportedly 10 children’s deaths are linked to the homeopathy, Hyland stands by there product and announces no recalls have been made.

While Hylands’ teething tabs have been sworn by many to be some of the best teething tabs, CVS has created its own natural teething tab formula which you can find in their stores.

On top of CVS, Walgreens is another drug store which as taken Hylands teething tabs off of their shelves.

While Hylands has shared on their website that there is NO scientific link between homeopathically-prepared belladonna, or Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets, and seizures, CVS has began taking Hylands’ tabs off the shelves.

As for now, we’ll have to wait to see if the FDA will come up with more evidence on if the teething tabs are actually connected to the 10 children’s deaths or not.

So far, we can’t help but notice this impulsive and unexplored action by the FDA sounds more like a hit against homeopathy by pharma corporations, as there is no legitimate connection between the cause of death and the teething tablets.

As of now, Hylands teething tabs are still being sold in Europe.

For more info, stay tuned.

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