Feeling Sad? Here Are 5 Things That Will Cheer You Up Instantly

It happens to all of us. Days when we just feel a little down or sad.

When I was in college – and I felt stressed out and or sad -, one of the things I would always do is watch funny videos on YouTube, which would cheer me up instantly.

With that being said, YouTube can be a great medium to help you get out of your head and feel better, but there are other ways too.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at this awesome list of things that will cheer you up instantly!

5 Things That Will Cheer You Up Instantly

1. YouTube Fail Videos

Like I said before, YouTube is a great medium to help you get out of your head and change things up.

When you feel sad or down about your own life, it strangely enough can be enough to see other people fail at their own to make yourself feel better.

It’ll be a great laughing session, trust me!

Some Channels: FailArmy, BESTVINES

2. Motivational Accounts

I follow a handful of motivational accounts on Instagram to receive my daily dose of motivation, and they do help.

Often times they share awesome inspirational quotes or speeches, which definitely do the trick.

Some Motivational Accounts: @MegaQuote, @Secrets2Success, @thegoodquote.

3. Speakers

Hearing motivational speakers speak can be so powerful.

Some Powerful Motivational Speaking Videos: Tony Robbins

4. Physically Having Fun

Physically having fun is still the fastest and most effective way to get out of your head and feel instantly better.

Physical Ways: Jump Up And Down, Go Kart, Paintball.

PS: Jumping up and down works so well. Try it when you are angry, irritated, sad or feel any other negative emotion.

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Jump up and down, count to 50 and you’ll feel differently afterwards.

5. Lay On Couch With Ice Cream & Watch A Movie

We all know the classic move when someone feels sad where they lay down on a couch and watch a movie while eating ice cream.

Well, if you haven’t done this before, it does work.

It just feels so good to let the sadness come in and let it take over for a moment.

Watching a drama or emotional movie will help you work through your own emotions while watching the movie.

Hence the reason many of us gravitate towards this action when we feel sad.


We’ll all feel down/sad at one point in our lives. Chances are it’ll happen more often then you’d like.

Hopefully these tricks/hacks will help you get out of your head and overcome your negative emotion.

What about you? Do you have a hack to get out of your head when you’re feeling sad?

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