FaceGroupie: The New Facebook Groups Directory

Yup, it’s finally here.

A platform that serves as a Facebook group directory where you can browse and submit all boards in various niches.

Perfect for if you’re a blogger or freelancer looking to join new online communities and need an easy way to find a whole list of them.

Or maybe you’ve moved to a new city or town and need to easily find new communities. FaceGroupie.com can help you with that.

While they’ve only literally gone live a few days ago, I’m excited to see some of the updates they’re coming out with.

Besides simply listing a directory of Facebook groups, they’re also coming out with an algorithm that will determine the group’s engagement score.

This means that you’ll easily be able to see how actively engaged a group’s members are, or if they’re not active at all and the group wouldn’t provide any value.

With that being said, go ahead and check out FaceGroupie.com.

Feel free to leave any comments with any thoughts on the website or ideas.


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