5 Ways To Earn $700+/Month Cleaning Up The Internet

Here at “How To Live In The U.S.” we are constantly looking to share ways people can make more money from home.

I’ve found that it’s often quite hard to find legitimate ways, as there are tons of scams out there.

We’ve talked about ways to earn money with blogging, through apps and surveys, but one of the more popular ways of earning money via your laptop from home we haven’t covered yet.

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Cleaning up Google’s mess, and of course other search engines’. That’s the task of a “search engine evaluator”.

It’s pretty simple. You sign up through one of the companies listed down below. You complete a few simple, mandatory tests, and once you’re in you can work as little or as much as you like.

There’s a chance they only need you for a few hours this week, or it could be they’ll need you full-time.

Signing up with these companies will make you an independent contractor rather then one of their employees.

You have to keep track of your own hours, pay taxes yourself and unfortunately don’t get any benefits.

But the cool part is that you can earn as much as you can, work whenever you’d like and from wherever you’d like.

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What Companies Will Hire You For This Task?

Below are listed some of the companies that are constantly looking for people who will evaluate search engines.

Each company has their own way of screening possible contractors, consider it a simple test you have to pass.

Let’s have a look at the companies. (Payout varies between companies):


Working as a Leapforce independent agent will allow you to earn some extra income while having a flexible schedule.


Lionbridge is the world’s largest localization company and provides marketing and translation services for brands.

Appen Butler Hill

Appen is a great way to enjoy a work at home environment. They are constantly looking for a search engine evaluator and social media evaluators.


iSoftStone provides work from home opportunities such as telemarketing, search engine evaluator positions and more.


ZeroChaos is another possibility which will allow you to work from home. They have search engine evaluator and other positions in their career management section.

Though this is another way of earning extra money online and from home, make sure to read up on how each different company works and what their rules and guidelines search engine evaluatorare. I have seen some bad reviews regarding some of these sites and services, but that doesn’t mean the job opportunities are bad. Make sure you are fully aware of all the ins and outs of available and possible positions you’re interested in before you start and sign any contract with them.

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Steve Gillman, contributor for The Penny Hoarder, claims he has earned up to $700/month through some of these websites and has experience working with them for several years now.

You can find his article where he explains his experience and side of the story, here.

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  1. Over the last few years I’ve gotten nearly 100 emails asking me what I thought of survey sites and why I’ve never listed any here.

    Well, the truth is…. it’s just not my favorite way to earn extra money.

    Personally, I get really bored filling out online forms and I often find with survey companies, I’m only making $7-8/hour.

    But, it’s easy. If you’re interested in this type of work, I’ve finally put together a list of our favorites.

    It can be a little time consuming, but my recommendation is to signup for all nine survey sites at once. And that’s because each site is probably only going to be able to match you up with one or two surveys a month.

    So, if you want to make any real money — you need to be a member of a LOT of panels.

    I do this kind of work while I’m watching TV and if I’m able to complete all the surveys sent to me, I’m usually able to earn $250+/month.

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