How To Drive Insane Amounts Of Traffic With Reddit!


This is something I've recently stumbled upon and thought was quite interesting. If you're reading this post, you're obviously trying to find ways to increase the amount of traffic going to your site/blog. I know I am. Just to be clear, this article is not a "get a ton of traffic forever quick" method, but rather a nice short boost and increase of visitors. It's simply a way which can help you get started as a blogger getting noticed and could sort of "jump start" your blog, if I could call it like that. Now, what do I mean by that.


I've tried this specific method a few times, and each time my traffic increases by 1000%. Now that's a lot, but it's only a short boost since traffic is coming from Reddit. And let's be honest, traffic coming from Reddit isn't necessarily going to stick around, but that's ok since we're just looking to jump start our blog. Later on, you'll get a ton of traffic from a ton of different sources.


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Increase Blog Traffic Using Reddit


If you're a new blogger, this type of boost could be great for you. I'd say that each time I do it, I have a few people that subscribe. Seems worth it to me. Although, I don't really recommend this type of marketing for more established blogs. You could still do it, but I think more established blogs wouldn't bother trying to get traffic from Reddit, since they already have a ton of traffic. This is just a method to get a quick boost and jump start your blog and there are a ton of more effective ways to promote your content where it's proven readers will stay on your blog longer.


The way it works is actually pretty simple. It all depends on what subreddit you post your article too, how many people are following that subreddit and how good your title is. Let's have a look at how simple it is to increase your traffic by 1000% by using this reddit marketing technique, if I could even call it like that.


A Catching Title.


Beneath, you can see a screenshot which shows Reddit's layout. As you can see, unlike Pinterest (which I love using), Reddit is very text driven. So in order to attract traffic and get attention to your post, you'll have to come up with a good and catchy title


I would still keep the title genuine and not too "salesy". If you make your title too salesy, people will just think you're annoying and consider your post to be spam or literally "a sales pitch" and they won't click on it at all. You'll want to keep it formal, yet a bit informal, informative, not exaggerated and true.

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Unfortunately even if you think you have the perfect title, there may still be a handful of people out there criticizing your article, so don't give it too much thought and just go ahead and use the first title you feel really good with.


Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 12.40.58 AM


In this example, I will be showing a post from this blog which went "viral" on Reddit, resulting in attracting a traffic increase of 1000% on my blog. I have to say that the word "viral" in my world just means attracting waaaay more traffic then I would normally have. It does not mean having millions and millions of visitors.


In this case, I submitted one of my blog posts to a subreddit called "Frugality". It's pretty hard to get anything on the front page of Reddit. If that would happen, you would be seeing hundreds of thousands of visitors a day. In my case, I decided to search for places where there was little to no competition. I searched for a few subreddits related to my niche and submitted my post to a subreddit that I really liked. In this case "Frugality".


It took me a while to figure out what subreddits work and which ones don't. So you may have to try out a few different ones before you hit the jackpot, although it shouldn't take too long.  


My Reddit Post


In this case I decided to share a post about "How I Reduced My Hawaii Vacation Expenses By 50%" As you can see, it's a pretty informative title and if it were me, I'd want to find out how someone saved a ton of money on their trip to Hawaii. It's not too salesy (although a lot of people still thought it was spam and I was an Amex promoter) and it still sounded genuine.


A good title combined with a good subreddit resulted in my blog receiving a ton of traffic. Now it's time to see some proof. Let's have a look at some statistics.


The Stats


This is a screenshot from my Google Analytics page showing the month of September. You can clearly see I didn't have that many visitors, so it's very easy to visually compare the "Reddit spike" with my normal average traffic.


Just as a reminder, I didn't get serious about blogging until the end of September. That's when I started trying out different marketing techniques and started really improving the quality of my content. While I - up until then - only had an average of about 40 visitors per day, the moment I submitted my post to Reddit, I received 404 visitors by the end of that day. I'd say that's a pretty good increase.


Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 12.51.20 AM


Pure luck you say? I thought so too, but then I tried it out with one of my other micro niche blogs.


For privacy reasons I'm not going to disclose the link or name of that blog, but beneath you can find another analytics chart where you can clearly see what happened when I used the same technique submitting a post to Reddit.

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My "Other" Blog


This was just a simple blog with 7 articles. Nothing too special and it wasn't even ranking anywhere on the Alexa ranking system. I simply used the same method I used on this blog and got the same results increasing my traffic by about 1000%.


Let's have a look at the statistics.


Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 12.37.14 AM


As you can see, I had only created this site about 3 weeks before I tried out the same marketing technique. While normally only having about 10-15 visitors per day, I suddenly received about 120 visitors per day. Again, I'd say that's a pretty good increase, considering the fact that the only thing I did was submit one article to a certain subreddit.


What resulted afterwards, was having more people who were interested in my blog, critiquing my content quality and giving comments which helped me improve the quality of my blog. I still to this day am receiving some traffic and returning visitors from Reddit.


Bottom Line


I've used this technique over and over again and get some good results each time. It all comes down to a combination of these few things. I make sure that I find a good subreddit, analyze the posts that are popular and find out what people are interested in who read that specific subreddit. I then try to come up with a title for my article that gets their attention. It may be the same title as your article or it may be different.


I didn't get hundreds of up votes on Reddit, heck they turned out to be zero after people critiqued my article negatively, but I still managed to get a good amount of traffic out of it. I'd say that's definitely worth a shot, especially if you are just starting out as a blogger looking for attention.




As I am writing this post, I decided to try out this technique just one last time to make sure it still works. One minute after I posted another post, the game is on :-). I started getting 5 visitors at a time, non-stop. After a while I had 20-25 visitors at a time, non-stop for about 4 hours straight. After - again - receiving a ton of negative response for the post being too promotional towards Amex and it being "too good to be true" it started to decline in Reddit ranking and getting less and less attention towards the end of the evening.


Imagine what you could do if you actually write a post Reddit readers would like :-).




Here's a visual update on the stats, just a few minutes after trying out the same technique today. Again, it just started with a few visitors from all over the U.S. resulting on 20 visitors from all over the world at the same time for hours.


Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 9.05.22 AM


For some reason the "Top Social Traffic" category shows only 1 active Reddit user. I think that has to be a Analytics glitch as I literally just posted the same article I suddently started receiving traffic, while right before this post no one was visiting my blog. 

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Now, I personally don't use this technique anymore. The reason for that is because each time posted something on Reddit, I received more negative critique and disbelieve then support. Maybe, due to the nature of the article. I don't know.


First I thought it was me. I started thinking that my articles sucked, or that maybe I'm just a really bad writer. Reddit readers would always point out the stupidest things and critique them negatively. Then as I got more into Pinterest and became part of a much bigger, honest and supporting audience/community, I realized it was just the nature of Reddit and its audience it attracts in combination with my article. 


I personally don't want a ton of traffic fast if that means receiving a ton of negative critique. Yes, I know that there are always people out there like that, but I have found a much nicer, sweeter and supportive audience on Pinterest, that can easily drive the same amount traffic or even more.


This is just a great technique and tool to help jump start your blog in case you are a newbie.




Here we go. We're almost at the end of the day and it's currently 9:40PM. We're about 9 hours after I posted my article to Reddit, and we've had a 750% increase so far compared to yesterday. I'd say "mission accomplished" to that. 


I did still get a few "hate responses" of people saying my post was a scam and I was just an Amex promoter (which for the record I was not), but it has been proven to still work. 


Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 9.38.06 PM



I'd say go ahead and try it out for yourself. I'd love to hear if you get the same results and what your readers' response will be to your post. I know every situation is different, so I'm actually super curious to hear about different experiences.


If you've just created your blog and are looking to boost your traffic, I definitely recommend this technique as it does't involve submitting your site to unreliable websites which "promise" to send you tons of traffic and eventually don't. This is Reddit, just another Social Media website. It's definitely worth giving a shot if you are looking to build up an email list and get some traffic to your blog.


Let me know what your experience is using Reddit. I'd love to hear about it!


In case you are interested in starting your own blog, feel free to check out my FREE "How To Start A Blog" step-by-step tutorial where you'll also have access to my Bluehost discount link, which will not only allow you to get hosting at a discount, but will also provide you with a FREE domain!

Increase your blog traffic by 1000 in 1 day

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  1. I tried reddit a couple of years ago and got absolutely no more than 5 visitors so I promptly forgot about it. Looking back, my fault was probably not promoting the stuff strategically as you’ve mentioned. Will give it another go because those numbers look good. How long does it take for the traffic to go back to the pre-reddit levels or does it stay slightly elevated?

    1. It all depends on your article, how people react to it and how many up votes it gets. In my case – which I consider to be worst case – the numbers dropped right away the next day. If the day before I had 40 visitors, the day I submitted to reddit I had 400 visitors, the day after I still had 100 visitors. So worst case it’ll probably go back down the day after. Although I will still see Reddit traffic show up in my analytics chart for about a week.

      But it all depends on your article, where you submit it to and how many uproots it gets. One submission could change everything. I’d say play around with it. It never hurts.


  2. I had a similar experience with Reddit. A short term surge in traffic. Always great when that happens. I have tried submitting links to other people’s posts on Reddit as well, but for some reason it usually fails. For example, most recently I tried to submit a link to what I thought was an awesome article and got this: not enough karma. So apparently, I hadn’t interacted enough with the community enough to earn the right to post a link – even to an article that wasn’t even mine. But like any other social network, it’s one avenue for boosting blog traffic.

    1. Exactly, an easy way to boost traffic. I still like Pinterest much better. Even though it takes a little longer to grow, it’s more genuine and more consistent traffic.

  3. “Be a redditor not a marketer” – very wise advice. I discovered this a few months ago when I accidentally posted a link to my personal account instead of my ‘business’ account. The result was a far more positive response in the comments, more upvotes and more clicks.

    I’m surprised by how willing some/many redditors are to downvote companies or anyone who’s marketing something, even if their post and/or link is very useful. The personal approach is definitely the way to go, thanks for the excellent and very actionable post.

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