Dr Dao: Why The United Airlines Case Could Become Similar To O.J. Simpson’s

Yes, Corboy & Demetrio – the representatives of Dr Dao – have given an hour long statement explaining their thoughts and plans to move forward with the United Airlines incident involving Dr. Dao being dragged off of an “overbooked” flight with force.

“Will there be a lawsuit?”. Probably, says Tom Demetrio.

But more importantly, this is an opportunity for “the people” to stand up against Corporate America in a fight against equality, respect and decency, according to Tom Demetrio.

For a long time airlines and other ventures in Corporate America have taken social interaction for granted and been treating “the people” below fairness without decency and mutual respect.

Does this remind you of something?

Demetrio says he hopes this will create a National debate, allowing people and corporations to move forward in a society where equality, respect and decency will have a much higher standard than it has today.

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