Top 5 Denver Car Insurance Companies

It’s been said that every day around 600 people move to Denver, Colorado. Real Estate is booming, and rental properties are being born by the minute, and while it can be fun and exciting to move to a new city, we still have to deal with some old stuff like finding the best solution for Denver car insurance.

Below we’ve put together a simple list of some of the best Denver car insurance companies around.

We’ve researched several authority rating sources, such as NerdWallet to base our decision on what some of the best car insurance companies Denver has to offer.

Let’s have a look!

Top 5 Denver Car Insurance Companies

  1. Geico
  2. Progressive Car Insurance
  3. State Farm
  4. US Auto Insurance Now
  5. Farmers


All by all, it’s widely known Geico is the cheapest and best option. While your rate may go up when moving to Colorado, it should go down.

However, out of personal experience while moving from California to Colorado, I expected my Geico insurance to go down, but it went up instead.

It’s sometimes hard to predict these things, and while it’s very easy to get an online quote, insurance companies may change the way they go about things at all times.

Be sure to check in with your insurance company before you move to see what rates are available.

Also, out of personal experience I know quite a lot of people who keep their car insurance in their old state whenever they’ve just moved to Colorado.

You may want to switch your insurance right away, as living in one state and having your insurance in another could be a violation of policy, resulting in insurance not covering when in an accident.

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Make sure you’re aware of what you can or can not do when traveling or moving to other states.


If interested, feel free to read here on my personal experience when it comes to car insurance rate negotiation

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