How To Delete A Pinterest Group Board Without Losing All Those Followers

I'm sure we've all been there at some point. 

You have a group board that you've let accumulate followers and pins for a while, but you realize it's not doing anything good anymore for your account. 

Its repin rate is down and it's just not sending traffic to your and your contributors blogs and businesses anymore.

delete pinterest boards

If you have a business or blog and promote your brand through Pinterest, it's pretty common to create a group board. Also called, a "community board".

So, I realized the other day there's actually a pretty easy way to delete that community board without losing all of those followers.

Because that's what happens. 

When you decide you want to delete that community board, you will lose all of those followers you have accumulate over time, which could be THOUSANDS!

The result is that you will loose not only the followers of that board, but also of your entire account.

I'll show you how easy it is to get rid of that community board and still keep your followers.

Why Create A Community Board?

Usually, you create a group board to have people of the same interest post articles within a certain niche. 

I have several community boards related to personal finance, so when I create a community board about personal finance, I only add people who could contribute valuable content to that group board regarding personal finance.

But then you may hit a point where you realize that community board is not necessarily serving your account anymore.

What do I mean by that?

The reason you create boards is to share pins with people. If you have a community board, multiple people share to all followers of all contributors.

It's an excellent way to get more exposure.

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There are tools that will let you analyze how that particular board performs, and in my case I like to analyze and see if a board keeps on performing from time to time. 

If not, it's time to change things up or get rid of it.

Why Would You Delete A Community Board?

I consider deleting a community board when I realize the board has hit a point where too many people are posting too often and the articles are getting too little repins and not much traffic anymore.

That means the board is overpopulated, articles get lost and it just has lost its value.

When a board has hit this point, it doesn't serve anyone, not even your contributors.

But when we then delete that board, we lose all of those followers, and that SUCKS!

What if we could save all of those followers by just changing simply the way we thought about deleting community boards?

What if I told you that there was an easy way to get rid of a community board, keep all of the followers AND all of the articles.

This would not only mean that you would get to keep all of the followers, but also all of the articles. 

And if you have around a 1000 articles, this is AMAZING news. 

Let me tell you why.

Because you need articles in your board to get repins. 

You need a lot of articles to increase your repin rate.

And you need to delete articles to increase that specific boards repin rate even more.

So, having those leftover articles that other people pinned to that former community board will serve you in some way. 

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Let me show you how.

I am a firm believer of deleting dud pins to increase repin rate. 

I've heard people say a ton of things. 

I've heard people say deleting pins doesn't do anything, but after reading Sarah Titus' article, I had to check it out for myself.

Even if Pinterest were to say right now that deleting pins doesn't do anything, I would not agree, because each time I delete dud pins with zero or 1 repins, that board in general starts performing better.

So, imagine having a board with hundreds of pins with a super high repin rate.

You wouldn't be able to pull this off in a community board because your rate you delete pins at would be slower then the rate contributors add pins, or you would have to have very little contributors, which it would still take a lot of time to increase that repin rate. 

You also wouldn't be able to generate a board with thousands of pins fast, so having those contributors contribute is an excellent way to generate a lot of pins fast without freaking out Pinterest's algorithm.

How Can You Keep All Of Your Followers?

By simply deleting the Community Board.

No, not the actual board, but delete THE COMMUNITY.

"Click on invite in your community board and remove all of the contributors rather then deleting the entire board and losing thousands of followers".

Yes, it's that simple. And suddenly your community board is now a personal board.

Yes, you will lose those followers who are contributors to your board, but that's nothing compared to losing thousands and I'd rather lose between 50 or 100 followers then 5000.

I always feel very bad removing actual contributors, because they have spend so much time pinning their articles. 

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But me, being the owner and analyst of the board has to make the call when I see that a board is not performing anymore.

How do I know a board could perform way better? By doing EXTENSIVE research for hours and hours.

I am a contributor of a handful of boards where my pins have gotten THOUSANDS of repins. 

I always wondered how on earth that was possible. After analyzing those boards, I saw they all had high repin rates and very little pins with a low repin rate. Those owners were definitely deleting dud pins. That was when I decided to take my community boards more seriously.

I would like to create that same environment for my contributors. And if that means kicking them out sort to speak to improve the board and my profile so they can benefit from it later on, I have to do it. 

What Are All The Benefits?

Let's break it down.

A) You don't lose all of your followers

B) You now have access to a ton of pins without you having to pin all the time, where you can start deleting low repinned pins to increase your boards repin rate. This will not only increase your repin rate, meaning gaining more followers faster, but also send more traffic to the articles pinned on your community board.

There you have it. 

Ultimately, Pinterest can change their algorithm at anytime, and then this information may become outdated. 

I hope this made some kind of sense.

Feel free to comment and let me know about your experience with underperforming community boards.


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  1. Hi Peter,thanks for this post,it really helps. Still trying to get the hang of Pinterest. I have been thinking about starting a group board but I wasn’t sure about it, I mean I’ve seen group boards with a steady following and then suddenly losing the interest of followers. I’m still trying to figure out what kind of board to create that will attract as many followers as possible. Any ideas?

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