5 Decluttering Tips To Refresh Your Home

When I find myself in a place where my home just feels too messy and cluttered, I tell myself it’s time to start changing things up. This happens to me at least a few times a week, getting the feeling the place is messy that is. So I’ve figured out a way that works for me and helps refresh and declutter my home in a matter of minutes.

When I need help figuring out efficient ways to clean my home and I feel like I’m not inspired, I try to read up on organizing tips and tricks by reading other bloggers share their ideas and tips. So far I’ve read some great articles on decluttering and minimalism, but haven’t really run into any hard, solid tips that actually help declutter your environment in minutes. I’ve read about long term techniques and methods such as the “Four Box Method” on “Becoming Minimalist”.

Another great example I’ve recently read is the “5-minutes tips” on “Zen Habits” which contain simple and powerful methods. Yet all of these are long term methods, which require patience and time. I’ve come up with a way – that works for me – and helps me declutter certain area in no time.

I figured since they work so well for me, it’d be worth sharing so others could try them out as well.

Some of these tips may sound silly, but just give it some extra thought. Let’s get started!

decluttering tips

If you yourself, start searching on the web for ways to declutter your home, you’ve probably reached a point where you want refresh your home now and it’s gotten to a place where you’re not happy with the way your home looks like anymore! 5 Minutes each day for months before seeing any results isn’t going to cut it anymore.

So for that reason I’ve decided to list my own personal 5 simple/golden decluttering tips I use every day to completely declutter a room or area in a matter of minutes. I’m not sure if I can really call them decluttering tips, but it’s a method that works for me and makes my rooms look decluttered and refreshed in a matter of minutes. Let’s get started and have a look at what I’m talking about! They may look a little strange, and you may have never heard about these tips before, so just bare with me!

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1. Create Symmetry And Organize Items In A Parellel Way.

This is my starting point each time I’ve decide I want to declutter an area. Why do you want to declutter or organize an area? There’s probably a ton of stuff everywhere and you’ve had enough of seeing that area or space so unorganized. Well, first I organize the mess.

The reason for this is that it will help me create a clear overview of what once looked like a complete mess. What it means, is that you have to make sure every single item is organized in a specific way. In a parallel way to be specific. It doesn’t take long, as the only thing you’re really doing is just repositioning the actual clutter. It will make your area go from “visually overwhelming” to “more organized”. This is the first step I always take and it ALWAYS works. Try it!

Again, this is just the first step, and the only thing you really have to do is make sure every item lays parallel compared to one another. This usually takes me about 5 minutes max for me, often times even way less as the only thing you’re really doing is repositioning stuff. And I don’t really do this any longer then 5-6 min at most. It doesn’t matter what room I do this in. It could be the bathroom, bedroom or living room. Since it’s a speedy process, it will only take minutes and each time after I’ve done it, the room lightens up and starts feeling way less cluttered right away. It’s visually very satisfying and can help you think clearly once you’ve repositioned the clutter.

2. Analyze The Clutter And Organize

These tips may sound weird, but stick with me. They work!

After I’ve repositioned all of the items, I start analyzing them and putting them in groups. This takes literally less then a few minutes. Why do I do this? Because this creates a great overview and shows what categories I’m dealing with. It shows me what area of clutter I’m working with and shows me how many different types of items I’m working with. It could’ve been that certain items could’ve been thrown together over time that actually belong in different areas or piles. Maybe some of my stuff, my girlfriends stuff, bathroom stuff, etc… It makes me realize what all of the different items are and where they belong. Because I’ve organized them before and repositioned them so nicely, it’s now very easy for me to just kind of go over every item 1 by 1 and relocate them or throw it out. It honestly is now super easy to continue to the next part, which is to actually make the different groups.

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3. Create Little Groups

I then start looking at what items I would like to leave in the area I’m decluttering. Obviously you don’t want to get rid of everything in the room you’re cleaning and organizing. If I’m decluttering the kitchen, I’ll want to leave everything that belongs in the kitchen behind. If I’m decluttering the bathroom, I’ll want to leave everything that belongs in the bathroom. I first grab all of the items that would need to be relocated. Then next, I’ll grab all of the items I would like to stay. Usually I can tell what item belongs where, because I made everything so organized during step 1 and 2.

4. Put Everything Where It Belongs

After I’ve created those little groups (I usually just put everything on the floor), I can just grab an entire group of items and relocate them to the area where they belong and put everything in the correct bin, closet, drawer or surface.

5. Throw Out What You Don’t Need

Each time I declutter an area, I’ll find stuff that’s empty, fully used or I just don’t need anymore. Throw these items out as they just keep on cluttering your home if you keep them. Examples can be empty boxes, receipts, packaging, old food in the fridge that’s overdue, etc. You name it. When you stay on top of these things, you’re decluttering your home with a long term plan in mind.

I declutter my home every week using these 5 golden decluttering tips. I don’t need extra bins, I don’t need to buy anything extra to magically make stuff disappear. With a minimalistic mindset and an organized decluttering attitude, you’ll be able to declutter your home in no time. Now, let’s do a quick recap.

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I’ll first make sure to reposition all the clutter in the area I’d like to declutter in a parallel way to I see what I’m dealing with. This gives me a clear visual overview. Then I’ll analyze and see what’s causing the clutter so I can afterwards divvy everything up into sections. I’ll have a section of stuff that will stay and other sections which will stand for other locations where items have to be relocated to. Once I’ve put everything in groups, I’ll make sure the area I’m working on is fully decluttered, before I put everything else where it belongs. If there’s stuff left that I don’t need anymore, I’ll just simply throw it out.

It’s fast, effective and you don’t need to go out and buy more drawers or other furniture to hide clutter in. You can even adjust your strategy and make up your own strategy using these ideas. I’m simply sharing my concept and idea, that works for me. This may not work for you, but I do find it very effective. It may seem a bit silly, but don’t judge until you give it a try! And have fun with it!

Enjoy and let me know if you use any other decluttering tips that work for you!

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