Deathlist: This Site Predicts Celebs Deaths Accurately

Yep, this is a real thing. Deathlist is an actual website where people spend their time analyzing and creating a list of people with a chance of dying each year.

Each year, they release a list of 50 possible candidates.

So far, their highest score has been 14 out of 50, which if you have a look at the current list, you’ll see they have people of all ages and conditions mentioned on the list, which will make you wonder how on earth they came up with the actual list.

According to Deathlist, the dedicate an incredible of time and research to making sure they have enough ground to stand on when it comes to adding a person or celeb to the list.

When I just browsed over the list myself, I saw various celebrities from various ages.

What struck me by surprise, was the fact that several celebrities were mentioned that were not that old at all, while the majority of the list does include old-timers.

What even stuck me more, was the fact that one of their candidates – aged 40-something – had actually passed away.

Wether it be due to sickness or accident, there’s no true way to predict by the beginning of the year of someone is actually going to pass away because of a sickness or not.

There are plenty of treatments for various types of deceases, so the fact that this list was able to include someone and correctly predict his death, was rather remarkable.

While the entire concept of Deathlist is rather negative and saddening, it shouldn’t be left unnoticed.

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Feel free to check them out at Deathlist and feel free to let me know in the comment section down below of what you think about their current list for this year.

Looking forward to reading your comments.

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