You’ve Been Charging Your Phone Wrong The Entire Time

What if we were to told you that there are wrong and correct ways to charge your phone.

In a way, we’ve all been charging our phones wrong.

But what does this actually mean?

It means that we haven’t been treating the phone’s battery the way we should, resulting in significantly decreasing the battery’s life, while if we were to charge it correctly we could have our phones stay charged much longer.

How To Actually Charge Your Phone Correctly

According to several tech/media sites, there is a myth going around saying that if you charge your phone in small intervals, it will ruin the battery’s life.

It is advised you charge your battery when your phone is almost dead, charging it until it’s almost full.

Codex – a smart phone battery development company – explains that the ‘lithium-ion’ in your phone’s battery has its own level of ‘stress’ sort of speak.

You can increase its stress levels by simply overcharging your phone, and if this happens the batter life of your phone starts shortening immediately.

According to analysts, the best way to charge your phone is periodically, while making sure you do not over charge it.

Bottom Line

As an iPhone user myself, I have seen a significant drop in battery life, and I could only wonder if it happens because of these exact reasons.

I do not know if there is a way to reverse a battery’s life span, though I think smartphone companies should shed some more light on this issue as I’ve noticed more and more people complaining about short battery life on their iPhones and certain other smartphones.

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Maybe smartphones have great battery lives, but because of our bad charging habit we immediately destroy its full potential.

Have you ever heard of this? If so, have you ever bought a new smartphone and treated its battery the “right” way? What were your results?

Feel free to comment on the comment section down below!

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