5 Best Places To Get Your Car Insurance Quotes Online

Finding the best car insurance quotes can be a tedious and scary task.

You have to keep on filling in your car information over and over again at every place you’re trying to get a quote, and legend says that the insurance companies keep tabs on the information you put in on their website.

Meaning, if you are in a certain situation that makes your car insurance quotes a bit more expensive and type that in first, but you’re trying to figure out how to lower them by changing the information a bit, their websites will keep track of what you type in.

I myself have had quite the experience when it comes to finding the best car insurance quotes.

You can hear my story about how I reduced my car insurance quote from $200+/month, to $70/month here.

With that being said, I wanted to share a list of what I believe the be some of the best places and insurance companies to get your best car insurance quotes.

5 Best Places To Get Your Car Insurance Quotes Online


In my opinion, Geico has helped me the best, and delivered me the best quote.

Unlike other companies, there was no need for me to negotiate the price. I told them what I wanted – without getting too specific about policy details – and yet they got me exactly what I wanted, at the lowest price I had seen.

State Farm

State Farm was my very first car insurance company I had ever been with. The reason I wouldn’t mind dealing with State Farm again, was because they were actually pretty good at communicating with me and helping me.

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Unlike Geico, State Farm does have physical offices, which made it pretty easy for me to hop in if I had any issues or needed clarification on something.

It was very easy to negotiate prices with them as well.

I actually had several friends who were with State Farm and I knew their policies and pricing which allowed me to bargain a bit.

While my personal experience with car insurance companies ends with these two, I wanted to mention 3 more companies that are lesser known, but have performed even better than Geico and State Farm.

3: Amica

4: Erie Insurance

5: Auto-Owners Insurance

While some of these may be local, definitely check out if you’d be eligible to join them.

These 3 companies were ranked best by multiple car insurance rating websites such as NerdWallet.

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