One Of The Best Online Money Making Techniques.


This Is One Of The Most Effective And Fastest Ways To Earn Auto Pilot Money.


If you've ever been interested in starting your own business, you've probably asked yourself some of the following questions.


  1. How much money would it cost me to start the business?
  2. How much time/dedication would it require from me?
  3. What would my competition be like?


It's happened to me plenty of times. I see or read about something extremely cool and see a business opportunity right away. I do some initial research and find out that there have already been so many people who have started a similar business, currently dominating the market, resulting in too high of a competition. After a while I became extremely frustrated, not being able to find a profitable market and started digging deeper. Tryin website will need to show up on your search engine's first page, and your niche needs to have very low competition, allowing you to have an easy ride ranking for that first page. 



These two concepts kind of go hand in hand, so let me explain this to you a little more. It is very hard to have your site show up on the first page of google, when there are hundreds of millions of search results when you type in your specific keyword/niche. Most popular things and even the items/tools we use in our everyday lives have tons of search results if you would search for them in Google. It is actually very easy for your page to rank on the first page in your search engines, if the competition for your niche/keyword is extremely low along with very little search results.

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Let's Have A Closer Look.


Now, let's type in "christmas ornaments" in Google. What do you see? I see about 8.6 million search results and all high quality, famous sites on the first page. Amazon, Walmart, Not too bad, but still not good enough. We don't want those high quality sites on the first page of google. What makes a micro niche profitable is having extremely low competition. This means that hypothetically, if "christmas ornaments" would have around or under 1 million search results, and low quality sites or sites that are not even trying to rank for your keyword which are showing up on the first page, you are heading towards the right direction. Unfortunately, the keyword "christmas ornaments" doesn't have either of those and is in my opinion not a good micro-niche to use. Why? Because the competition is too high, I would probably not even rank on the top 10 pages and there are too many high authority sites on the first page. I guess we'll have to keep on searching for another niche which does meet these requirements.


When you pick your own market/micro niche and you see low quality sites and social media sites that are not even trying to rank for your keyword on the first page of a search engine, it will likely be very easy for you to outrank those pages and reach the front page. There is a whole technique around finding profitable micro niche markets, but I'll dedicate another post to that in the future.

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This is probably one of the easiest and fastest ways I use to make money online today. It takes me about a day to find a profitable market, to set up a site and write a few articles ranking niche related keywords. After that I optimize the SEO perfectly, create high quality backlinks in a super easy way which will indicate to Google, hey this guy's website is actually pretty popular. Let's bump his site up in the search rankings. And then it's all auto pilot money that you don't have to do anything for anymore.


Why? Because people visit sites that show up on the first page of search engines. And bingo. You can easily rack up a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars per site, per month. The key to success here is to not go main stream, find markets and niches that people are interested in, yet have an extremely low competition. I could talk about this subject for hours, but the point is to show you guys another way of making money online.


Value Add?


Value add is a term used in high profile marketing. It means that you optimize your earnings by adding more value to what you already have. There are endless ways you could go from here. You could add affiliate marketing to your site, which could earn you auto pilot commissions made through each sale. You could add sponsored advertisements. Add a premium member subscription. People pay more for certain high end things! So there you have it. My favorite way of making money online so far. Stay tuned for more articles on easy money making opportunities! Feel free to comment on the comment section down below.

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