Become A Professional Cuddler And Earn $2,400/Month Extra

Yep, you’ve read that absolutely correct. No need to re-read that title twice.

People have started making a living as a professional cuddler, cuddling other people. And they’re making some good money too.

Samantha Hess has started a professional cuddling business and charges as much as $60/hour.

Now, “The Snuggle Buddies” are looking to hire people who would like to get involved in the snuggling business and become a professional cuddler.

They’re willing to offer $40/hour plus tips and a $15/hour traveling fee.

According to “The Snuggle Buddies” mostly women get hired for snuggling and men rarely get any reservations. Sorry dudes!

All clients of “The Snuggle Buddies” have to read and agree to their Client Service Contract.

This contract includes a few rules created in order to keep you safe and comfortable.

As a client you have the right to leave any session immediately if your client suddenly makes you feel unsafe, starts harassing you or threatens you.

I’m not sure how many cases have been reported if any, but definitely check up with The Snuggle Buddies on their case reports.

According to The Snuggle Buddies report, most of their clients end up being men age 50 and over.

According to their contract, you need to maintain hygienic at all times and both client and snuggler must have brushed their teeth and showered within 12 hours of their session.

Clients are so far all over the United States, Canada, U.K and Australia.

In case anyone is interested in becoming a professional cuddler and would like to know more about this snuggling business, you can head on over to The Snuggle Buddies website.

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To apply, click here. Usually it takes up to 24 hours to receive an approval notice.

I personally think it’s kind of weird, but it turns out it’s a business like any other which could end up making you quite some money, and all you have to do is snuggle someone or hold someone’s hand!

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