Who/What Is “How To Live In The U.S.”?

HTLITUS is an online news publication which covers life pertaining to the U.S.

While initially HTLITUS started out as a legal immigration blog, it quickly gained attention and the interest of the public, which initiated adding additional informative categories and subjects to cover.

As of this day, HTLITUS covers lifestyle, health, business, tech, science and news related articles.

We try to cover and share all of the information we deem important and worth sharing with the general public.

Why Was HTLITUS Founded?

Mid-2015, HTLITUS’ founder went through a life changing experience while applying for a United States issued work visa.

The website – HTLITUS – was created to document and share the visa process experience, so that people in similar situations could learn from mistakes and become aware of certain information and loopholes.

The website gained attention quickly from fellow college students, raking in around 1,000 visitors within the first month upon launch.

In 2016, HTLITUS brought in 1.3 million readers who were interested in learning about the way life works in the U.S.

Let it be U.S. citizens trying to learn more about taxes or insurance related topics, immigrants trying to learn more about immigration, or young entrepreneurs trying to figure out ways how to make more money and thrive in society.

The end goal of HTLITUS is to leave a reader with the feeling that they’ve learned something and have become inspired.

Eventually – due to personal interest – HTLITUS took a more controversial approach, exploring Freedom of Information Act releases and more topics that did not meet the proper amount of media coverage. This for the purpose of sharing declassified material worth knowing about.

What Does HTLITUS Stand For?

HTLITUS stands for “How To Live In The U.S”. The reason we chose this name, is because we wanted to document life inside the U.S., sharing tips and knowledge that could create awareness, benefit and increase the quality of life of other citizens and immigrants within the U.S..

We strive to share true news, handy tips and hacks, useful knowledge and a bunch more cool stuff on a daily basis.

For more information, feel free to contact us at info@howtoliveintheus.com