About “How To Live In The U.S.”

Hi there!

Here at How To Live In The U.S., we’re all about sharing ideas, wisdom and knowledge that can give courage, power and motivation to our readers to create a better life for themselves.

We address and explore some key elements that play a huge part in our life’s success and happiness level, such as financial knowledge, entrepreneurship, health and technology, while sharing ideas which could lead to quality increasing results.

Founded in April 2015, HTLITUS quickly grew to become an authority media source in its genre, currently serving over 200,000 monthly readers, while we’re continuing to grow every day.

Here at HTLITUS, we believe in some fundamental healthy financial views, such as:

  • Always spend less money than you earn.
  • If in debt, get out of debt first and stay out of debt.
  • There’s no such thing at all as a get-rich-quick scheme, it’s all hard work.
  • Create a financial safety net.
  • Be creative if you wish to increase your wealth.
  • Learn and educate yourself with every step you take.
  • Give back to your community sharing your experiences that brought you financial success.

Founded By: Pj Corstjens


I’ve always had a vast interest in business, entrepreneurship and wealth building, though it wasn’t until recently I discovered a way to combine all three interests via a passionate creative project, which lead to the creating of howtoliveintheus.com.

Originally from Belgium, I ended up moving to the United States at age 19 while studying in Boston. Currently living in Los Angeles, I’ve been fortunate enough to have been surrounded by educative experiences that have all contributed to helping me create this wonderful platform/community. While financial fitness was always exercised at home, I’ve always strived to achieve a financial fit life via creative business endeavors.

Majoring in business while in college, and having experience accounting/managing a six-figure world wide import/export online business, I considered my background to be very helpful when it came down to successfully managing and growing HTLITUS .

With newer generations facing more difficult financial, immigration and social challenges, I found it to be of extreme importance to create a guidance and community where people could find tips to create a healthy and fit life.

This is where I hope How To Live In The U.S. can be of great support. I would love How To Live In The U.S. to be a community where people can share educative stories, ideas, help each other out, and grow their finances and life towards a healthy direction. Our goal is for the site to be a bundle of joy and knowledge you look forward browsing through every single day, where you’ll find the inspiration and knowledge that will help you increase the quality of your life.