8 Incredible Wine Hacks

There are some handy ways to make your wine experience a little bit nicer.

Ways to cool it down fast, filter it and make it taste better than it already does.

With that being said, we listed 8 ways how you can make your wine experience better in a matter of seconds!

Let’s have a look!

8 Incredible Wine Hacks

1. Wine Ice Cubes

When finishing a wine bottle, but having a little bit of wine left, poor the rest into an ice cube holder in order to make wine ice cubes.

Use them next during cooking!

2. Freeze Grapes

Freeze grapes to chill the wine without watering it down!

3. Sweeten The Wine

Add pineapple to a cheap wine to sweeten the wine.

4. Make A Cheap Wine Taste Expensive

Make a cheap wine taste expensive by aerating it in a blender for 30 seconds.

5. Cool Wine Quickly

Wrap a wet towel around the wine and then freeze it.

6. Filter For Cork Bits

Filter the wine first by pouring it through a coffee filter!

7. Properly Store Wine

Store opened wine on its side to prevent oxidation and don’t forget to re-cork it!

8. How To Smell When Wine Is Bad

If a wine smells like wet dog, cardboard, farmyard, vinegar, burnt rubber or cooked cabbage and looks browner than usual, your wine is bad.

There you go! 8 Awesome wine hacks to make your wine experience more fun!

Do you have any wine hacks? We would love to hear about it! Share in the comment section down below!

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