8 Tips To Save Money On Newborn Purchases

When you’ve just given birth and are about to leave the hospital, you’ll be entering a time where you’ll both be extremely exhausted for the next few weeks/months.

With that being said, you’ll want to do everything you can as good as possible to prepare yourself for this incredible rollercoaster ride.

Stock up on food, get all the baby supplies and items.

While some of these items can get pretty pricey, we’ve decided to create a list with some money saving tips that could save you some good money when making purchases for your newborn.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at the list!

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8 Ways You Can Save Money On Newborn Purchases

Order Everything Via Amazon Subscription

Amazon now has a subscription service where you can safe up to 15% off, if you end up scheduling your purchases via their subscription service.

Baby Fair

Before my daughter was born, we ended up visiting some sort of baby fair, that was organized in a giant sports hall, with thousands of baby items and cloths for sale at a very cheap and reasonable price.

Usually they have them in every town/city, you just have to know when they happen and where.

Used Baby Clothes

We’ve been given a ton of baby clothes by people who recently had a baby and have had their baby grown out of certain clothes.

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We didn’t even have to ask, but if you do happen to know a family member or close friend who has a baby/toddler who is several months older then yours, I’m sure they’d be glad if you took them off of their hands, or maybe even borrowed them.

Buy Formula Overseas

This one is not as simple, but I myself ended up find the same formula I would end up pay $30 per pack for, in Europe where they actually make it, for $5.

Since I grew up in Europe, I kind of know how things roll there, so I found a simple way to get a monthly shipment where I – to put it simply – get  5 packs for the price of one.

Nurse As Long As Possible

It goes without saying, that the longer you nurse, the less formula you actually have to buy.

Now, nursing can be very intense and hard on the body and sometimes your money bodies energy is more worth than your money, meaning it’s okay to buy formula if you feel overwhelmed.

Buy Diapers In Bulk

Some stores allow you to buy humungous bulks of diapers at very reasonable prices.

Ask your local store what they have to offer.

If you do it right, you can easily save close up to $200 a year.

Research Before Buying Anything Pricey

We’ve saved so much money by simply doing research for hours before buying anything expensive.

We’ve ended up finding coupons, deals and even a different and better product for a better price.

I often times feel like giving up and simply paying the given price, but sometimes it’s good to do just that extra amount of research that could end up saving you some serious cash.

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Ask For A Ton Of Stuff From The Hospital

When you leave the hospital, they usually give you some stuff home with you, like a thermometer, wipes, some diapers and maybe even some formula.

It’s okay to ask for more. Knowing that those first few months will be hard for you, it’s good to have as much storage of stuff in the house as possible.

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