8 Genius Summer Life Hacks You Need To Know About

With summer comes tons of fun and outside activities.

Therefore we’ve decided to list some pretty cool and genius life hacks that you can use when you’re out and about or simply chilling at the beach with some friends.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at the list!

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8 Genius Summer Life Hacks

Keep Your Ice Cream Soft

Did you know that if you keep your ice cream bucket/container in a Ziploc freezer bag, it will keep it soft? Really. You just have to add the ice cream (still in the container) into a freezer bag before storing it in the freezer.

Not only will the bag help keep your ice cream soft, but it will also prevent those little ice crystals from forming, which you see when the temperature in the freezer has been set to too low.

No Dripping Popsicles

Eating popsicles can sometimes get pretty messy, especially when the temperature is warm.

The ice starts dripping and you even start getting some on your hand.

Simply use a cupcake wrapper to keep the ice cream from dripping all the way to your hand.

Create an opening in the bottom of the cupcake holder and stick your popsicle stick right through the opening.

It makes a great holder and will definitely keep that sticky stuff from dripping onto your hands

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Quick Solution To Mosquito Bite Itchies

Avoid the itchiness you get after a mosquito bites by simply applying toothpaste on the itching area.

Half Free Your Water Bottle

Fill your bottle about half full of water and than put it flat ways in the freezer.

Then, when you’re ready to use it, take it out and fill the rest of it with regular water.

That way the ice will keep your bottle cooler for longer, especially on hot days during the summer.

Create A Beach Wallet

Clean out an empty lotion bottle and keep your personal things safe while you are out having fun at the beach.

Make sure you fully empty the bottle and wash it out really well.

Definitely use bottles that have removable tops. This is a great way to store and hide your stuff!

WaterProof Your iPhone

Put your iPhone in a ziplock bag to protect it from sand and/or water when you are at the beach.

Make sure that the bag you use is a clean and dry one.

Bring A Fitted Sheet To The Beach

Turn up the corners a bit by placing heavier items in them to spread the fitted sheet further out.

The sheet will easily keep the sand away from your things.

Keep Your Steering Wheel Cool

This little trick won’t necessarily keep the steering wheel cool, but it’ll definitely prevent your hands from burning when you’re about to take a drive after your car has been sitting outside in the heat.

Simply turn the steering wheel as far as you can to either side when you get out of the car.

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When you get back in, simply turn the wheel all the way back to normal, and the part that has not been exposed to the sun will feel way less warmer than the part that has been exposed.

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