7 iPhone Hacks You Can’t Live Without

Today is the first of many awesome posts in our new category “Life Hacks”.

We love figuring out old and new life hacks than can help and serve us in our daily lives.

With that being said, we decided to kick off this party by talking about some pretty cool smartphone hacks.

Everyone has one and no one can live without one. I’d say some of these smartphone hacks are pretty awesome and helpful.

So let’s have a look!

1. Walking While Texting

How often do we text while walking? All The Time. And just to let you know, it’s actually considered to be almost as dangerous as texting while driving.

Believe it or not, people have died while texting and walking. Suddenly they won’t see an object in their way because of their phone and just run into a pole or a wall, leaving them with severe brain injuries and sometimes resulting in death.

But all of that’s about to change because of this hack. We STILL don’t recommend you multi task while using a phone. It’s too distracting and you should always be in a safe position while using your phone.

With that being said, there are apps out there that allow you to text while using your camera of your phone to project the path you’re on as a background image/video.

This will allow you to text and still see where you are walking.

Some of these apps are called: “Walky Talky,Text And Walk & Type While You Walk FREE“.

There are plenty of other ones out there.

2. Smart Phone In A Glass Cup

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This hack can be a little annoying and is often used as an alarm clock hack.

If you have a hard time getting up in the morning, this one will definitely help you out. The effect of having your phone in a glass cup, is that in the morning when your alarm will go off, the sound gets amplified and louder because of the cup’s structure and design.

It will also prevent you from easily pressing snooze as the cup will prevent you from having easy access to the phone. By the time you figured out your phone is in a cup and you have to get up to move the phone out of it, you’re probably already wide awake.

3. Phone In ZipLock With Rice

This is a classic hack I’m sure most people know, but I wanted to put it in here for those who’ve never heard of it.

Some people have had mixed responses to the result of this hack. Some people’s phones got saved, others didn’t.

Maybe it depends on how much your phone was exposed to water and what type and amount of rice you are using.

Regardless, when you put a wet phone into a ZipLock filled with rice, you close it and wait 24 hours. The rice is suppose to suck out every bit of water that’s present in your phone.

I’d say it’s worth a shot, but could imagine that if you’re phone fell in the bath tub and you didn’t notice it until 10 minutes later, it’s probably a goner.

4. Phone Stand Using Sunglasses

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This one I absolutely love.

I can’t say how many times I’ve been in situations where I was having lunch by myself, sitting at a table just kind of bored.

I try to look at YouTube videos on my phone, but I can’t put my phone in the correct angle for me to fully enjoy it.

Well now you can use your glasses or sunglasses, to create a stand for your phone. The only thing you have to do is keep your glasses closed. Open them a little bit, so your phone fits in nicely.

5. Money & Piece Of Paper Between Phone And Case

I’m sure we’ve all been there. Our phone battery died, we’re out in a city with friends or maybe even in the middle of nowhere and have no ability to charge our phone.

I’m sure we’ve all heard of putting some extra money between your phone and its case, so that you can use that money to pay for a pay phone or cab home.

But what makes this hack even better, is the fact that u add a piece of paper with your most important phone numbers on.

You see, what if you run into someone with a phone? And you don’t remember any phone number? Nowadays we rely so heavily on our phones that we don’t even remember our closest friends and relatives’ phone numbers.

Put money and a piece of paper with important phone numbers between your phone and case and you’ll thank me later.

6. Charge Phone While In Airplane Mode

Try charging your phone while in airplane mode next time.

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It may be that you won’t see a change in battery life on your display, but that doesn’t mean your phone is not charging.

When you put your phone in airplane mode, your phone charges almost twice as fast. Take your phone out of airplane mode to see your true battery life.

7. Use GPS Without Using Data

Using a gps can use a good amount of data.phone

Something people don’t know, is that you can actually use your GPS without using data.

The only thing you need to do to make this work, is put in your end destination while still using your data.

Once the route is calculated, turn your data off. you can now follow the route until your end destination without any problems.

there is one downside to this hack, and that is that if you go off course your phone will not be able to recalculate a new route, since your data is turned off.

As long as you make sure you stay on your route, you should be fine.

There you go. 7 Awesome smart phone hacks that can make your life better! Enjoy!

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