64 Websites That Could Earn You Extra Cash

With the internet growing every day, through out the years companies/websites have created endless possibilities for users to earn extra money online.

With that being said, I've also discovered that - while some people may think otherwise - the internet keeps on creating higher quality and better earning opportunities.

While doing my research, I've come across many different websites that offer many different ways you could earn some extra money.

From filling out surveys, to cleaning the internet, to creating your own blog and so on.

While I did not try out and use every single website listed here, I did make sure to check if they actually work, are still in business and are recommended/used by any other sources online.

If you discover one these websites mentioned in the list is a scam or not worthy, please comment in the comment section down below so I can remove them from our list.

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64 Websites That Could Earn You Extra Cash


Surveys can easily make you some extra cash for only a small amount of your time.

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The key to actually making some good cash through surveys, is to sign up for a bunch of them!

Here's a list of some of the most well know survey sites out there!

  1. Ipsos i-Say USA
  2. ProOpinion
  3. Opinion Outpost
  4. VIP Voice
  5. Toluna
  6. Vindale Research
  7. Global Test Market
  8. InboxDollars
  9. Swagbucks
  10. Point Club Surveys
  11. YouGov
  12. Mintvine
  13. SurveyJunkie
  14. Harris Poll Online
  15. MySurvey
  16. EarningStation
  17. OpinionPLUS
  18. MindsPay
  19. Panda Research
  20. Pinecone Research

Get Paid To Listen To Music

Wouldn't it be cool if you'd be able to get paid to listen to music.

Well, now you can.

They may not be the latest hits, but they'll definitely pay!

21. Slicethepie – With SliceThePie you listen to a 60-90 second song and and write a review about it. At the beginning you'll eonly earn a few cents, but as you go on you start earning more.

22. Music Xray – Music Xray will pay you $1 per review, which is pretty darn high compared to any of the other music paying websites out there.

23. HitPredictor – HitPredictor won't pay you in cash, though the points you receive are definitely worth something. Check with them to learn more about their points system.

Get Paid By Tutoring Online

24. BuddySchool

25. HappyTutors

26. TutorVista

27. Tutorhub

28. Tutor.com

29. Studypool

Get Paid Being A Mock Juror

I myself have never been to a jury duty, simply because I'm not an American citizen, though I've heard it can be pretty awful.

However, I don't see the problem in being a mock juror and actually getting paid to just sit and do nothing.

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A mock juror gets paid by giving his or her opinion on certain documents that are send to his or her home.

30. Online Verdict

31. TrialJuries.com

32. eJury.com

Get Paid Through Data Entry

I have a few friends who used to have data entry jobs, and while they weren't always thrilled about it, it did pay the bills.

With these websites you can actually perform data entry jobs from home, from your computer.


33. Dion Data Solutions

34. TDEC

35. Axion Data Entry Services

36. Working Solutions

37. Scribie

38. AccuTranGlobal

39. Birch Creek Communications

40. Quicktate

41. SpeakWrite

42. Vitac

43. MegaTypers

Micro Tasks

44. Amazon mTurk

45. Clickworker

46. Lionbridge

47. Short Task


48. ProZ

49. TRADUguide

50. TranslatorTown

51. TranslationDirectory

Test Websites & Usability

For more information on how website testing and usability testing works, check out one of my previous articles here.

52. UserFeel

53. TestingTime

54. Startup Lift

55. Analysia

56. UXLine

57. TryMyUI

58. UserTesting

59. Loop11

60. Userlytics

61. Enrollapp

62. What Users Do

63. Feedback Army

64. uTest


While all these websites could earn you some serious money, I see them as temporary fixes to a bigger path.

After trying a bunch of these websites, I ended up choosing blogging as my way of making extra income.

It's so much more fun and I can talk about anything I want, while making thousands of dollars.

So, choose these as resources, but continue your journey towards what you truly are passionate about.

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