5 Ways To Earn $100/Month Extra Selling Photos

Every picture you take could potentially make money, and we all do it. Because of our phones we have been taking way more pictures then we ever have.

Where we used to need a camera, we now simply need our phones. For the purpose of earning money by selling photos, it’s still recommended to use a high quality photo camera.

There are numerous websites out there that will allow you to sell your photos to them. They turn them into stock photos so that other professionals can download and use them for their own personal or commercial use.

Some pictures do better then others. Let’s have a look at what pictures are popular and will help you sell fast.

Pictures of people, while traveling, cities, items, nature, animals, technology and so on do really well.

If you are one of those geeks that takes a ton of pictures, these websites could help you get cash for them:

1. Shutterstock

Shutter stock allows you to earn between $0.25 up to $30 per image you sell to them.

2. Fotolia

Fotolia allows you to earn a royalty from a range between 20-60% for each sale you make.

3. iStockPhoto

iStockPhoto allows you to earn up to 15% in royalty for each sale and up to 45% as an exclusive contributor

4. Can Stock Photo

Can Stock Photo claims that they have some of the highest commission payouts in the industry.

5. Alamy

Alamy claims you can earn up to 60% as a contributor for each sale you make.

Based on statistics and general analysis, the average earnings are about $1 per photo sell photosyou sell. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but the key to making money here is to sell in higher volumes. If you follow this rule, selling 100 photos would allow you to earn up to $100.

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Know that not every image you submit may be approved and this could effect your earnings. Regardless, this is another great way of earning extra money. I personally believe you could earn some serious money with selling photos.

You could even start your own stock photo website and charge more for your own pictures on there.


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  1. Wow! This sounds like a great experience and opportunity! I am a total geek and absolutely love taking pictures. Although I like posed pictures where everyone says cheese, I really adore taking pictures of life… people going about their business, unique anything, nature, Special occasions, and…just life.

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