5 MacBook Life Hacks You Can’t Live Without

5 MacBook Life Hacks You Can’t Live Without

We’ve often times talked about some awesome smart phone life hacks, but today we’ll be covering a few very important macbook life hacks that I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy.

If you don’t have a macbook, bummer. These hacks should and probably do exist for pc and windows laptops, but for now we’ll go ahead and explore them for mac.

Without further ado, let’s check them out!

The List

Emoji Keyboard

Press Command, Control and Space at the same time.

When you’re writing a message in your notes, Word or even Facebook, you now have the ability to bring up the same emoji keyboard an iPhone uses.

Simply press the three mentioned above keys at the same time, and a popup window with the emojis should appear.

Invert Screen Colors

Press Command, Option, Control and 8 at the same time.

This hack is a pretty handy one. I often times invert my screen colors on my phone, but forgot we even have the same ability on any mac device.

Simply press the above mentioned keys at the same time, and your mac should invert its screen colors right away.

To revert your colors, simply use the same key combination.

Send Files To Trash Short Cut

Press Command & Delete Together.

Tired of dragging files and folders to your trash bin? Simply click or select multiple files, and press the above mentioned keys together to make them immediately disappear into your trash bin.

Delete Text From Left To Right

Press Fn and Delete Together.

We’re all used to pressing the backspace/delete button and delete text from right to left. While pressing Fn and Delete together, you have the ability to delete all text on the right side of your cursor, allow you to delete from left to right.

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Merge All Your Finder Windows

When in Finder, click on Windows and then “Merge All Windows”.

If you sometimes have a messy home screen with a lot of Finder windows open at once, you now have to ability to merge all of your finder windows into one single window with multiple tabs by simply clicking “Merge All Windows” in the Windows submenu  of Finder.

There you go! 5 MacBook life hacks that will make your life a little bit easier.

If you happen to know any other life hacks for mac devices, feel free to share them in the comment section down below.

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