5 Greatest Random Acts Of Kindness Videos On YouTube

Sometimes I'll just get totally lost while watching YouTube videos for hours and hours.

Recently, I saw a handful of amazing videos where people give and receive these incredible gifts to and from loved ones, and their reactions are just priceless. I absolutely love random acts of kindness, and after watching these videos I hope you'll feel like doing something for someone out of the blue as well.

The gifts are completely unexpected and most often extremely generous. I went and sought out my 5 favorite reaction videos, which I'm sure you'll enjoy as well.

Let's go ahead and check out the videos!

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Lance - Birthday Gift Car

This is Lance Stewart. He is a famous Vine star who has millions of followers on Vine, Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. Lance recently released a video of him purchasing his dad's dream car and giving it to him as a gift. His dad's reaction is priceless once he sees the car and realizes his son bought the car for him. 

Watching this video inspires me so much. Even though it's just a car - a very awesome/expensive car -, it's the thought that matters. The fact that Lance wanted to buy his dad's dream car for him shows a sign of true love, respect and a close family connection. Even though the car is so awesome, the love and respect that comes with giving this gift is way more impressive. 

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Son Pays Off Parents Mortgage

This is one of my absolute favorite videos, as it captures a true and real moment where a son gives his parents a christmas gift (an envelope) with a bank note in it saying:"Your home mortgage is payed off". These type of gifts are to me the ultimate examples of random acts of kindness. Not necessarily paying off their mortgage loan, but more so relieve them from such an incredible burden.

Though I absolutely love Lance's video, this particular video is unedited, authentic and captures a true moment of love.

Telling Inlaws We're Pregnant

There's no greater gift then life. This video captures just that. I absolutely love the mom's (grandma's) reaction once she hears the word "grandpa" spoken out by her husband while reading a gift card. She freaks out, screams and is in disbelieve. This video is one of my absolute favorites and I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much. 

Homeless Lottery Winner

I've given money to homeless people, and they were always very appreciative. Though I haven't given them $1000. This video is about a generous man giving a "fake" winning lottery ticket to a homeless man. He suggests to go and see what they've won in a local store. What the homeless man doesn't know is that the cashier is in on this one as well.

The beauty happens when - even though the ticket is a losing ticket - he still receives a $1000 from the cashier, which has been "donated" by the man who created this video. I absolutely love this act of support. I wish there were more people who would do this and capture these beautiful moments of support and love.

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Homeless Man Gets A Home

Part 2. of homeles lottery winner, where the same person who created the previous video decides to give the homeless person a home for 1 year. Turns out things have been going well for the homeless man. He just received a job and is starting to pick up his life again. 

What's a greater gift then receiving more support while getting back on your feet, by receiving a home and other expenses covered for a year. I'm not sure which video I love more. This one or the one where he receives the "winning" lottery ticket. Let me know which one you prefer.

Hope you enjoy and I would love to hear your reactions and thoughts on these videos. Have you ever given someone an unexpected gift and received an incredible reaction? Feel free to comment in the comment section down below.

Every single time I watch these videos I just get so excited and wanting to do an extra nice thing for my close friends and family. I absolutely love the energetic place these people are coming from when they hand over their gift. A place of love, respect and friendship.

Hope you love this selection and feel free to comment on the comment section with some of your favorite Youtube Reaction Videos.

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