27 Travel Hacks That Will Make Traveling Easier

Traveling can sometimes be extremely stressful.

There are so many things that need to be taken care of, thought of and arranged, that sometimes it would be nice if there would be an easier way to get the same thing done.

What that being said, we’ve put together a list of 27 travel hacks that will definitely make your traveling experience easier.

Let’s have a look!

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27 Travel Hacks That Will Make Traveling Easier

1. When Traveling, Wrap Shoes In Shower Cap.

The problem with bringing shoes on vacation, is that they’re dirty.

They only fit in our bags, and while we want them in the same area as our clothes are packed in, we don’t want our clothes to get dirty.

Wrap your shoes in a shower cap or plastic bag to prevent your shoes from making anything else dirty.

2. Check With Your Credit Card Company And Update Them If You’re Traveling Internationally.

Credit card companies can sometimes freak out when you’re suddenly using your card in a different country.

Make sure you’ve contacted your credit card company before you leave, so they are aware of your temporary relocation.

3. Store Important Cables And Components That Belong Together In A Sunglasses Case.

If you happen to bring a few USB cables, wrap them up and put them in your sunglasses case.

That way they’re all in one place, and they’re all easily stored and accessible.

4. Bring An Empty Water Bottle To The Airport And Refill After You’ve Passed Security.

We’ve all been there, where security tells us we can’t bring our water bottle into the terminal.

Simply bring an empty bottle and fill it up after passing security inspection.

5. Enable Private Browsing When Searching For Flights Online

When you’re looking for flights on your computer, enable private browsing and clear out your cookies.

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Flight booking websites often times keep track how many times you visit their website, which shows them you are interested in booking a ticket.

They use this information to up the price each time you visit their site, hoping that you buy a ticket with the thought that price could keep on going up.

6. When Packing, Roll Up Your Clothes To Save Space And Prevent Wrinkling.

This is an awesome one.

Simply roll up your clothes. This will give you more space and will prevent your clothes from wrinkling.

7. Put Bobby Pins In A Tic Tac Container To Prevent Loosing Them

Bobby pins are easily lost. The best way to keep them together is to put them into a small and easily accessible container, such as a Tic Tac container.

8. Forget Your USB Charger? Check The Backside Of Your Hotel’s TV.

Hotel Tvs often times have USB outlets on the backside. You can easily plugin your phone charger there and charge your phone.

9. Or Ask The Hotel’s Front Desk If You Can Borrow A Charger For During Your Stay.

Sometimes the hotel’s front desk will allow you to borrow a USB cord/charger if you tell them you’ve forgotten yours.

10. Put Dryer Sheets In Your Suitcase To Prevent Clothes From Smelling Bad.

Often times our clothes will smell very bad after getting off the plane.

To prevent this from happening, simply add a few dryer sheets into your bag.

11. Bring A Portable Phone Charger.

Sometimes a flight can take longer than expected. Prepare yourself by having a portable phone charger with you. That way you cn charge your phone no matter where you are.

12. Turn A Cereal Container Into A Trash Can When On The Road.

If you’re driving, use a cereal container as a trash can.

You can easily open and close the lid, allowing the garbage smell to stay contained.

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13. When Driving In An Unknown City, Drop A Pin On Google Maps To Remember Where You’ve Parked Your Car.

This one has helped me out so many times.

When arrived, simply open Google Maps and keep your finger pressed on the map’s location where you are to create a pin.

That way you’ll be able to easily find your car after walking around in an unknown city.

14. Roll Up Your Belt And Stick It Inside Your Collard Shirt.

This will not only keep your collard in great shape, but also works as a great storage location for your belt.

15. Put Your Phone In A Plastic Bag When Going To The Beach.

This way your phone is protected from water and sand, and you still have the ability to look at the screen and text message if necessary.

16. Use A Binder Clip To Protect Razors When Traveling.

Traveling with razors can be a bit dangerous.

The razors could cut into things or ruin clothes if not stored properly.

Simply put a binder clip on the razors, to prevent the blades from touching other items.

17. Take a Picture Or Scan Of Your Passport, ID & Itinerary.

That way, if you loose all of your information, you have a digital copy of it in case needed.

18. Plastic Wrap Bottle Caps Or Vacuum Seal Them To Prevent Spilling.

This will prevent bottles from leaking.

If bottles are large, simply unscrew the cap, put a plastic sheet on it and close the cap.

If the bottles are small, you can do the same or use a food saver to vacuum seal the small bottle.

19. Check The Status Of Your Flight On Google.

Simple type in your flight number in Google, and it will pull up your flight with arrival time and other flight information.

20. You’re Allowed To Carry Miniature Alcohol Bottles On Your Flight.

This one is a bit weird, and you may want to check with your airline company if they allowed it, but some airline companies allow you to have a miniature version of certain liquor bottles on the plane.

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21. Instead Of A Hotel, Think About Renting A Home From AirBnB.

If you happen to have a big family, a AirBnB destination my be a better and cheaper option than a hotel.

22. Mark Your Baggage As Fragile.

Mark your baggage as fragile in order to prevent airline employees from throwing your bags around.

23. Use A Fanny Pack.

This may be an ugly solution to a lot of problems.

Simply keep a fanny pack with you to store important items and documentation.

It’s easy and nearby.

24. Don’t Forget a Pen So You Can Fill In Custom Forms.

I fly international quite often, and I keep on forgetting a pen.

I sometimes have to walk all the way to customs in order to find a pen.

Make sure you bring a pen of your own so you can easily fill in the custom forms when landing.

25. Don’t Use Airport Currency Exchange.

Don’t ever get local currency at the Airport.

They add on additional fees, and often times you’re off cheaper by using a local ATM or bank to buy local currency.

26. If Traveling Domestic, Make Sure You Have Yelp.

Yelp can be such a great problem solver when you’re not sure where the good restaurants and activities are.

Simply look on Yelp and find you will.

27. Shop For Food After Arrival.

Once arrived at your destination, try and purchase some groceries at a local shop.

This way you have at least some food for in your fridge at the hotel, and you don’t ever have to starve.


There you have it. 27 Awesome travel hacks that will make your traveling experience much more fun.

What about you? Do you have any awesome travel hacks you’d love to share? Feel free to comment on the comment section down below!

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