26 Apps That Will Add $500/Month Extra Income

For some people, adding an extra $500 per month to their income would make a huge different in their lives. Thanks to your phone, it’s actually easier to get that kind of

apps that make moneymoney then you think.

We all know the apps where you can earn a few cents here and there, maybe even a dollar, but I’ve got some pretty interesting money making apps in this list that go way beyond that, giving you the opportunity to earn even way more then $500 per month.

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Yes, you will find some apps that won’t perform as well as others, but when I gave these apps a shot, tried them out, analyzed their potential and pushed their boundaries, I was absolutely blown away by the results and possibilities.

I realized you can very easily earn $500 per month. You could even make up to $700 or $800 per month extra if you put in a good amount of time and effort. You just have to be creative and create a system and schedule that works for you.

I earn over $1,500/month by blogging. If you’re interested in making some extra money yourself, you may find it interesting to start your own blog. I’ve created an easy step-by-step guide where I will guide you through the process of getting hosting and setting up your blog ready to make money. I’ve also included a special hosting discount link (only available through my link) which will not only give you a huge discount, but also a FREE domain)”.

I know that an extra $700/month would mean the world to a lot of people, so I hope that you are as excited about these opportunities as I am. Wouldn’t it be insane if you would be able to pay rent and a few bills by simple playing games, watching videos or doing surveys?

I think that’s absolutely insane. The fact that we could pay rent, without working for it.

I’ve tried most of these apps out for myself, and I can personally tell you it’s very easy to make an extra $500. I think the most important thing is to have some sort of schedule that goes with it. You don’t want to be attached to your phone all day.

Do I personally want to spend my time like this? No. But if life would be giving me a hard time and I would need some extra money fast, these apps could be a life saver. Let’s have a look at the list.

1. Ibotta (iOS, Android)

This app will simply pay you to shop. Stores include Target, Whole Foods, Walmart and many others. You even receive $10 for simply trying Ibotta.

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2. Make Money – Earn Free Cash (iOS, Android)

You make money with this app by completing simple tasks. Watch videos, complete surveys, give opinions etc. You can redeem your points for cash via PayPal.

3. AppCash Money – Earn Free Gift Cards & Rewards Points (iOS)

This one is pretty similar to Nr. 2. Again you have to perform little tasks like watching videos and completing surveys. You can redeem your points for gift cards or via PayPal. This is one of my favorite apps as you can easily make up to $26/h. There is also a glitch in the app where if you were to change your date and time to the next day in your phone, you can keep on redeeming your daily bonus points.

4. EasyShift (iOS, Android)

Complete simple tasks such as taking photos, giving opinions etc. Payments are made through PayPal.

5. Locket (Android)

Locket pays you to have an ad on your home screen. You can earn a max of $250/month, but you will have to unlock your phone 3 times per hour, 24 hours per day to reach that amount. You can try and create your own schedule and see what your potential earnings are. This app seems very interesting, though I haven’t been able to try it out for myself since I don’t have an Android device. This definitely seems like one of the easier ways to make money as the only thing you really need to do is unlock your phone. (UPDATE March 2016: I recently heard that Locket does not work/exist anymore)

6. Field Agent (iOS, Android)

This app doesn’t require you to watch videos, browse the Internet or take surveys. Field Agent pays you to do small and simple tasks for their clients. For instance, you can earn $7 taking three different photos of mouthwashes at Wal-Mart or $4 for checking out the price of certain toys at Toys “R” Us.

7. NPolls (Android)

Participating in polls can easily earn you $0.20 per survey. Payments are also made through PayPal.

8. ESPN Streak For The Cash (iOS, Android)

ESPN Streak for Cash pays you $50,000 a month if you can have the longest streak of correct predictions on upcoming games. Only one person gets the 50 grand, though, so you better know what you’re doing.

9. GymPact (iOS, Android)

Users get paid to simply work out. You can easily get paid between $0.50 and $0.75 per 30 minutes of working out.

10. IconZoomer (iOS, Android)

Complete tasks by taking pictures and uploading them. Each picture can earn 0.25EUR.

11. App Trailers (iOS, Android)

App Trailer shows its users 30-second video trailers of new apps to download and install. For every app trailer you watch, you earn money. For every app you download and engage with, you can earn even more. The more trailers you watch, the more points you earn, which can then be converted into gift cards or redeemed via PayPal.

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12. CheckPoints (Android)

Simply watch videos and scan barcodes to earn points. You can then redeem those points through Amazon, Walmart and Flights points and gifts cards.

13. ShopKick (iOS, Android)

You earn money by checking out products in certain stores. You can even make more money by actually buying those products. It can take you some time to rack up around $10-$15.

14. Gigwalk (iOS, Android)

This app connects users with local businesses who need people to take pictures, test mobile apps, do mystery shopping and so on. Gigs can easily pay between $6 and $100 dollars depending on the type of gig.

15. Surveys On The Go (iOS, Android)

Some Fortune 500 Companies and major political campaigns will pay you money to give your opinion. This app will pay you for participating. You can easily earn $1 per opinion.

16. i-Say (iOS, Android)

i-Say invites its members to take surveys, the highest-paying can cost as much as $95. Most surveys can earn you a few dollars and points that can be redeemed as Amazon, PayPal, and iTunes gift cards. You need to sign up at the i-Say website to become a member.

17. Swagbucks (iOS, Android)

There are 9 ways to make money on Swagbucks. You can browse the web, take surveys, shop in the Swagbucks mall, vote on daily polls, play games, watch videos, find swap codes, complete special offers, and bring in your friends to sign up. Swagbucks earnings can be redeemed as gift cards, coupons, and sweepstakes entries.

18. SlideJoy (Android)

Get each time you check out your phone. SlideJoy puts product ads on your phone’s lockscreen and pays you a certain amount every time you unlock your phone, whether you look at the ad or not. Users say they earn $5 to $15/month on average with SlideJoy.

19. IndexDollars (iOS, Android)

You get $5 just by signing up. InboxDollars’ main attraction is it pays you money to surf web, play games, and take surveys. Users can cash out by requesting payment via check once they earn $30. Usually it’ll take a few hours to reach that amount.

20. Viggle (iOS, Android)

Viggle wants to know what songs you listen to and what TV shows you watch, in exchange for points that can be redeemed as gifts cards, digital downloads, electronic goods, and trips. Open the Viggle app when you watch TV or listen to music and you start collecting points.

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21. Mobee (iOS, Android)

Be a mystery shopper for Mobee’s partner stores and earn points that can be exchanged for cash, gift cards or event tickets. You can download the app for free to check out what missions are available in your area. Each mission earns you anywhere between $1.5 and $30.

22. Receipt Hog (iOS, Android)

Receipt Hog lets you take pictures of your receipts in exchange for credits or coins. Each 1,000 credits can be redeemed as gift cards or as cash via PayPal. As you upload more receipts, you unlock more ways to earn money.

23. Perk (iOS, Android)

You make money using Perk when you search, browse the web, or watch TV. If you buy something off Perk Shopping, you earn a huge amount of points that can be converted into gift cards. Minimum payout for Perk is $5.

24. TaskRabbit (iOS, Android)

The great thing about TaskRabbit is that it pays you more than double the minimum wage to complete simple tasks for people in the community, such as putting together IKEA furniture or walking the dogs. You do have to apply to become a Tasker. There will be background checks.

25. Bookscouter (iOS, Android)

Book scouter helps you sell your books. Simply scan the barcode of your book and the app will give you a list of buyback companies and their prices. Once you choose your seller, give them your payment details and ship your book to them.

26. Pact (iOS, Android)

Pact pays users around $5 every week for accomplishing certain tasks. Usually task are eating healthy meals or exercising a certain number of hours per the week. Pact says 92% of its users are motivated to lose weight. Not just because of the $5 weekly reward, but also because of the $5 penalty if they fail to complete their tasks for the week.

As time goes on I will be updating this list and collecting and testing out more apps, which hopefully will allow me to write a longer post with a longer list of apps that make real money, allowing you guys to have more opportunities to earn more money from your phone. The sky is the limit!

Feel free to let me know about your experience with any of these apps. I have a handful of apps that are my absolute favorite. Even though I’m not willing to spend my time earning money on my phone, I still have a few apps that I go into from time to time. If you’re like me and aren’t really into spending that much time on your phone, you could just collect points for the sake of collecting points. Eventually you may have enough for a free gift card, which would be nice to have. Enjoy.

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  1. How about the negatives? I was making 800 to 1200 a month running my ecommerce store but it involved shipping and receiving lots of inventory. Money was going in the bank but it was exhausting. I was losing sleep and often had panda eyes during my day job. I decided to change my life a different way by selling the store on Flippa. Now I’m thinking about starting something less time consuming. Another huge negative for me was taxes taxes taxes. You really need to track expenses really well and have an accountant, otherwise uncle sam will take everything you earn. My dream job however, is working for Shopify from my home office.

    1. True, though I wouldn’t call anything related to making extra money negative. Yes there are some things you’ll have to do that aren’t fun. And you’re right about taxes. Expenses can make or break a lot. Hope your dream job will work out!

    2. I already have my dream job, working from home or simply working from anywhere in the world where internet is with my laptop or mobile. If you need inspiration, just check my website – http://alex-dahlgren.com

      A free step-by-step guide is included, you can always ask me via mail if something is not clear…You can literally make a living with this, just like me!

      1. you mind emailing me? I checked out your website…you’ve got my attention. I’d like to discuss the process a little further

  2. My wife & I use Ebates (similar to Swagbucks) and love it. I got $3 cashback from doing my income taxes by going through Ebates to use TaxAct. They also offer discounts on TurboTax & HR Block if you like those more.

    But we also get cashback by buying giftcards & online shopping at most major retailers.

    1. You’re welcome Beth. If you haven’t yet, feel free to sign up on my mailing list any time. That way you can be kept up to date on latest articles.

      Have a lovely day!

  3. I downloaded the apps as I was reading the blog. I have some credit card debt that I am looking to get rid of in the next 3-6 months. In addition to that I am creating a savings account exclusively for spending money when I get ready to move out of my parents house. I am THRILLED to be on this journey and meet EVERY single goal! Thanks for taking the time to research and put this post together!!

    1. Hi Vanessa.

      Thank you so much for the nice comment. Having debt is never fun, and to be honest like I mentioned in the article, this may not be the most fun way to be spending your time, but it can definitely earn you some good money.

      Thank you for valuing my research. Apps change all the time, and some may come and go, so if you’re interested you’re more then welcome to sign up on my mailing list so that if there are any big changes or new opportunities, I can keep you up to date.

      In the mean time, enjoy the other money making articles. I’ll be dropping more in the next few weeks.

      Glad to connect and all the best!
      Stay in touch!


  4. Thanks so much for this list!!! I’m definitely looking into these! I’m just wondering about the whole tax thing… I know you have to make a least $600 in a year’s time from one company to pay taxes but, how do these work?

    1. Hi Janice!

      Thank you for the nice compliment.

      You are absolutely right. I’m not sure you’ll hit $600 per month with each single one of these apps, but of course it is possible with some of them if you would spend a ton of time on it. I think it may be a good idea to visit their website or contact their developer and ask if they could give you some more information on this.

      Worst case you can always report exactly what it is you earned and make sure it matches with what they pay you out. But, I’m sure there’s some way they deal with taxes as they still are legitimate companies paying people out. I’d say your best bet is to contact those companies and ask for information.

      At least you’ll be able to create a tax deduction for your phone and maybe carrier. I don’t know much about this, but I would also look into this if I were you.

      With phones and phone plans being as expensive as they are, you could deduct some serious amounts at the end of the year.

      Good luck and feel free to update your post if you have any information on the tax topic.


      1. What i wonder Can you do this in belgium? Involved with taxes and so on? Is this legal???? I havend yet a website. That’s wy i ask this question first

  5. Just so you know, Locket doesn’t pay any more.

    “When we first began, we put ads on your lock screen and rewarded you for unlocking your phone. We’ve seen that people loved getting paid per swipe but realized that the business model didn’t work.”

    1. What’s the point of developers even creating these apps its time consuming not really wroth it to have it inside your phone draining battery life and hogging up space not a very bright idea.

  6. I have tried to download all of the IOS apps and all I get is retry. Are their new ones or another way to access the ones you’ve mentioned? Thanks, Jacqui

    1. Hi Jaqui.

      I’m not sure what’s happening with that. I just downloaded one of ‘m to check and it seems to work.
      You may want to give it another try. Feel free to let me know if you still run into the same issue.


    1. I personally know several people that make very good money using field agent. The trick is that you have to live in a major city such as Orlando, Vegas, NYC, areas that have for example, a Walgreens on every other corner & a CVS on the opposite. They are able to drive down a main street & have a task on every corner. I live in a more rural area and didn’t have as much luck. By the time I drive to each location, it cost me more in gas.

  7. Hi,

    Can you give info about some apps which pay to international users. I am from India and these incentives will not work for me.

    Anyways your post is interesting and good to know info.


  8. Great job on the research done! These are great ones and several I haven’t even heard of so thank you for that. In addition to all of these, which I do use a few of them and they’re a great little extra to have, I also use the Wal-Mart app and the “savings catcher” feature in that.

    If you shop at Wal-Mart all you have to do is scan your receipts at the bottom in their app and enter a date and they’ll search local competitor’s pricing. If you could have gotten a better price elsewhere Wal-Mart will pay you the difference and you can use that towards a future purchase.

    1. Im sorry to tell you that Wally world wont pay you for lower prices anymore. IDK why but JFYI they wont do it anymore. Price match is GONE @ the Wal-Mart here in SC.

      1. We can still price match here in Wyoming. We also have the savings catcher and my dad got back $13.50 back for 1 trip and $6.75. So it does still work for some.

      2. I still get the price match here in Kentucky! I have the Walmart App and I upload all my receipts and still get the credit and money back if lower prices are found at stores in my area. I’ve always used the app to do it though, so if you did it another way, try using the app. I just cashed out mine 2 days ago and was up to $32.00 and everything went just as always when I got the credit back!

      3. They did the same thing to the one in pellcity alabama. But enough people called corporate and complained. Needless to say we have our price match back. Call 1800 wal mart and complain. Hope that helps

  9. These are all great! I started using Field Agent, InboxDollars, and Pact about a month ago and I like them a lot. Especially Pact. It’s not heaps of money but it’s one of those things where, okay I’m walking my dog every day anyway…plus, the 30 min minimum workout requirement means I won’t cheat and do 25 minutes because I’m feelin lazy. Oh, ps Pact and GymPact are the same. Pact changed its name from GymPact when they made other commitment options besides checking in at the gym.

    You might check out An app called Nicetalk. It pays 0.17/min (about $10 an hour) to chat with Chinese student in video chat to practice conversational English. You also get a $20 bonus when you refer a tutor and they chat for 100 minutes. (Um my referral code is ps0b8mdg hint hint wink wink just casually droppin that in there lol) Anyway, they pay weekly via PayPal and anyone can apply- you don’t need any professional teaching experience. Just a friendly personality and clear speaking voice. I just wrote a post about it on my own blog, if you feel inclined to check it out. ?

    1. Hi! I tried to download nicetalk app on ny phone but it seems it is only registered abroad . I tried to put my school where i graduates and it doesnt accept it . Im an esl teacher here in Asia and i want to try it.

  10. What about people who are on disability? Do you know if we are qualified to do any of these. I’ve heard some people on disability say they can earn up too so much money each month, which too me king of defeats the purpose of being on disability. Being disabled means you can’t work.

    1. Hi Lisa

      I’m not sure about disability. I just did some quick research and can’t really find a quick satisfying answer. If you’re looking to make some extra money, I highly recommend starting a blog instead of using apps to earn some extra money.

      I’m not sure how much disability gets, but this blog for example earns between $1,500 and $2,000 each month, while it took me around 8 months to get there and it’s still growing every day.

      There is no income limit with blogging and you can be very creative when it comes to this.

      Just a thought.

      You can find a step-by-step guide on how to start a blog plus a discount link in this article.

      Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!


      1. I am on SS Disability. I have begged to be released to go back to work, but as my Dr told me Today I will never be able to be reliable 8+ hours per day, 5 days per week, 12 months per year. I continue to search for things to do and refuse to give up. For instance I am writing this from the hospital at 1:00am. I may be on a ventilator tomorrow, but today I Supliment my Social Security which is allowed.

  11. I use mperks. You get points for just checking in on weather and businesses. All urmom do is click on check in and it automatically gives you coins. It also gives you a list of businesses around you. No buying anything and you don’t even have to go in the store. You can just sit in parking lot. You turn coins for gift cards and merchandise. You get it through the weather channel app.

  12. I really needed a simply way to make some extra money. I’m not much of a writer so blogging isn’t really for me. Thank you for putting the list together. I look forward to seeing how it goes.

    1. Great Ashley!

      Some apps are a hit or miss, but with there being so many of them out there, I considered it to be worth a post. There are new money making apps coming on the market every month. Hopefully these will help you out and stay tuned for more apps!


  13. Hi,
    Great article about ways to make money.
    Did you know you can also make money with playing a free trivia game like Quezztion Real Money Trivia (iOS)?
    This is not a gambling game, but it is all about trivia skillz!

  14. Hi there,
    If you are doing most of these from your phone since theyre apps, do you or is it best to have an unlimited data plan? Thanks 😄

    1. Hi Kriste!

      You don’t have to have an unlimited data plan per se. You can definitely use Wi-Fi. I try to use wi-fi as much as possible when I try out the apps as they definitely eat a lot of data. I always say that if you don’t absolutely need it, don’t use it. The same goes for data. Data costs a lot of money, so you want to keep your expenses low.


  15. Hi Peter,

    Thank you very much for the information. I have a quick question here. I based out in India, will these app work for me to earn a few bucks? Please reply.


    1. Hi Riyaz!

      Most of them definitely should. My guess is that most of these apps will payout via Paypal, so at the end of the year you’ll just go about your taxes as if you earned money in your country. Let me know if you have anymore questions!

  16. Good day, I am from Nigeria in Africa can you give us those apps that pay with check or online payment methods apart from PayPal and accept other national.

    1. Hi Ola.

      I’m not exactly sure which ones do PayPal and which ones don’t. I’d say most if not all of them do PayPal, however it wouldn’t hurt to contact them and ask them directly.

  17. Will these apps work worldwide or just in the US? I will check a couple out to see, but if you know, would you mind saying which ones work outside the US? Thanks!

    1. I’m not 100% sure which ones are available for other countries. You’ll have to see for yourself which apps pop up in your countries’ app store!

  18. I tried Receipt Hog and still after 6 months haven’t earned enough for a reward. There is a similar and better app called Receipt Pal, it takes 4 receipts to earn 100 points and 400 points equals $1 Amazon gift card. This is much faster and easier.

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Thanks so much for your input! I will make note to definitely put it in one of our future articles!

      Thank you!

  19. The ibotta does not pay you to shop. It is like a discount coupon. You buy and then you send them a pic of the receipt and the barcode of the item they are offering a discount on and they deposit the discount in your Paypal account. But that was money you already had, you are not making money, you buy something and they give you money back on your purchase. I am sorry but that is not a source of income.

  20. Hello!

    Great list. Can you give me an idea of how much time you put in each day to make an extra $500 per month?


    1. Hi Connor,

      As mentioned in the article, I myself don’t use these methods to earn extra money.
      I’ve tested them and can testify that they do earn you money.
      There are many different apps and combinations you could use to reach an extra $500 per month.
      Some apps pay more, others pay less. Some apps are fun, others aren’t.
      I’m sure if you’re willing to put in a few hours every day, you should be able to earn a good amount!

      1. Thanks for these “work-at-home” deals..I find that one has to experiment and try them to see if they pay as advertised..Some “change horses mid-steam” and go to “coupon only” or points to redeem..But each new deal that comes out, it is essential to “get on the bandwagon” fast, before the policy changes..

  21. Thank you so much for sharing these apps with us. I knew about Swagbucks but never realized there were so many other oppurtunities. It is certainly worth a shot, every extra income oppurtunity counts and fills up the vacation jar that much faster.

    Looking forward to reading your other posts.

    Thank you again,

    The Broke Dad

  22. I use a few of these to earn gift cards for special treats. The only one I really recommend for earning decent money is Swagbucks. They have 5 main TV apps, a mobile app, and their website. It’s a traditional get paid to survey/watch videos/do offers website, but it’s the only one I’ve found that you can make decent money without wasting time on surveys or shopping.

    I personally only run the encrave videos on my laptop while I work on my desktop and run the mobile apps on my phone daily. I earn about $50/month since I really don’t want to invest any real time in it. I pretty much only click over when my encrave video list is done to start a new one and change the app when it’s run through all the videos.

    It’s really money for nothing in my case because I don’t want to put in any real effort. I’ve been using them for over 5 years now and have kind of made an art out of earning money there by being as lazy as possible. They also run specials sometimes where if you sign up under an existing member you can get an extra sign-up bonus. If anyone’s interested, my link is http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/Zmade.

  23. My favorite one by far is Crowdtap! It’s not an app, but it’s a website and you can earn a lot of money! I’ve done almost every app and website that you can earn money from and haven’t found one yet that beats Crowdtap! Not only do you earn money but you also gets tons of free samples and also get points(money) for trying them our and giving your opinion. Crowdtap is the easiest as well, it’s very simple and self explanatory! I ♡ Crowdtap and recommend it to any and everyone 🙂

  24. Hi Peter
    Enjoy reading this article. Didn’t know there are so many mobile apps out there to help us make some extra dollars. Do you have any recommendations for us who are residing in Asia?
    Thanks in advance.

  25. Good day! I’m a student from Philippines and I’m interested in trying these apps since they’re quite handy and I think I can manage earning a money while still studying. My main concern and problem is that I don’t have a Paypal account, though I do have a local bank account here at our place. Hope you can help me and God bless to everyone!

  26. How can I make money? I have no income!!! Ivery been trying since 2002 for SS. I’ve not worked much. But after my Dr.said NO working. I couldn’t stop. Then a couple wks later I understood why he said to quit. Well I owe alot of people. I have bills to pay!!! Working at home I’ve tried and to NO avail I’m searching and found you!! But don’t no what this year 2017 has to offer. Please please help me make money w’out paying to make the money. I have nothing!!! NADA thing!!!

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