250+ Life Hacks That Will Make Life Easier

While doing my research for discovering more life hacks that could make our life easier, I’ve started to write articles discussing hacks regarding a very specific item or thing.

We’ve now covered iPhone hackstravel hacksTarget hacksAmazon hacks and many more.

Today we’ll be covering life hacks that simply do one thing. And that is “making our life easier”.

With that being said, you can expect to see regular updates where we’ll add new life hacks to this list to keep you up to date and the best ways to make life easier.

Let’s have a look at our list!

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250+ Life Hacks That Will Make Life Easier

1. Recognize Your Luggage Easier.

Simply attach a bright colored piece of fabric to the handle bar of your suitcase.

This allows you to easily recognize it when waiting for it at arrival.

2. Keep A Door Unlocked When Moving.

Simply use a rubber band to connect both doorknobs on each side, allowing the rubber band to block the actual door lock from falling into the lock.

3. Make Your AC Smell Better.

In case your AC is starting to smell bad, you’ll probably want to check it out for mold and/or other issues.

In the mean time, attach a dryer sheet to where the air comes out to improve and get rid of the smell of your AC.

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4. Phone Stand

If you use your phone to watch YouTube videos, place your phone on your sunglasses which are reversed and closed.

This will act as a stand, allowing you to watch videos on your phone from an easier angle.

5. Waterproof Your Old Shoes.

Please do additional research

According to many people who’ve tried this, you should be able to waterproof your shoes by rubbing it in with bees wax.

6. Remember People Easier.

At a conference and trying to meet people, take a photo of their face along side with their business card. That way you can put a face to the name and have all the information you need to contact them.

7. Iron A Shirt Easier.

When ironing a shirt, flip it inside out to allow you to iron over the buttons.

8. Prevent Leaky Trash

Put newspapers at the bottom of your trash bag to prevent juices from falling out of the bag.

9. Save Yourself

Keep a business card-like card in your wallet with personal information on it such as blood group, insurance info etc.

That way if you are ever fond unconscious, someone has the necessary information to keep you alive.

10. Keep Dirty Clothes Smell Clean

When traveling, put a bar of soap or dryer sheet in your dirty laundry bag to keep them from smelling dirty.

11. Check To See If Batteries Are Good.

Drop batteries a few inches above a table. If they have one small bounce and fall over, they’re good.

If they do a few bounces, they’re dead.

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12. Turn A Beer Cold Instantly

Wrap a wet paper towel around your beer and keep it in the fridge.

It’ll take about 15 minutes for it to turn cold completely.

13. Identify Keys

Use different nail polish to identify different keys.

14. Organized Cable Box.

Put empty toilet paper rolls in a box, and put one cable in each one of them.

This will keep them organized and untangled.

15. Keep Wrapping Paper From Unrolling

Grab an empty toilet paper roll and make a full length cut into it.

Next put the wrapping paper inside of it, keeping the wrapping paper from unfolding by itself.

16. Remove Strawberry Stem

Press through the middle of a strawberry with a straw in order to get the stem out of the strawberry.

17. Having Trouble Waking Up?

Put your phone in a glass and set your alarm.

The glass will magnify your alarm sound and force you to actually pay attention when you grab your phone, making you wake up more than if you would just grab your phone and press snooze.

18. Make Sure You Drink Plenty Of Water Every Day.

Grab a see through water bottle and mark different heights on the bottle marked with times, to indicate each time you have to drink a bit of water.

Drink until you reach the next mark, and continue drinking at the time marked on the mark.

19. Easily Open Blister Packs.

Use a can opener to easily cut through the sides of a blister pack.

20. Straighten Your Collar.

Use a hair straightener to straighten/iron your collar.

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For more life hacks, check out the following articles!


There you have it over 250 life hacks that will make life easier for you.

Stay tuned for updates and more new life hacks!

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