17 Websites That Will Pay You For Micro Jobs

What Are Micro Jobs? 

Micro jobs are small jobs that require very little effort and time. You can usually finish them within a few hours, and once finished you get paid and your contract ends. Micro jobs are often taken on by freelancers, as once the job is finished they go on to look for more micro jobs.

How Much Can Micro Jobs Earn?

It all depends on how much you work and what it is you exactly do.

You can earn from as little as $100 per month up to $100 or more per day, but again all depending on the type of job.

With that being said, when going down the list of websites down below, you have the ability to visit their site and do some more research on how much every single job pays exactly.

You make have to shoot them an email, but I’d definitely say that’s the best and easiest way to know exactly how much money you’ll be able to make.

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17 Websites That Will Pay you For Micro Jobs



Amazon Mechanical-Turk







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Micro jobs are usually good opportunities for people to earn money on the side who have some spare time and are interested in finding ways to earn an extra buck online.

If you’re interested in getting more serious about making money online, feel free to check out some of my other money making articles!

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