14 Moving Hacks That Will Save You Time And Money

Moving can be so extremely stressful, but it doesn't have to be. We've put together a list of 14 moving hacks that will help you get the job done, much more easily and efficiently.

With that being said, let's have a look at our list of awesome moving hacks!

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14 Moving Hacks That Will Save You Time And Money

1. Number Every Single Box

Numbering your boxes is crucial to a smooth move.

Write down your box numbers on a master list, including every single item that's in that box.

That way when you arrive at your new place, you simply grab the master list and find the item that you are looking for.

2. Take Photos Of Your Master List

A physical list may allow you to easily write down what's in your moving boxes, but among all of the stuff it can get lost very easily.

Take pictures of your master list whenever you're done.

That way, if you accidentally loose your list, you'll still have a digital copy!

3. Wrap Everything That Can Break In Towels

Yes, you will have things that could break during the move, even though you may not want to hear it.

You could hit two birds with one stone, if you simply wrap in your breakables with your towels.

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That way, your breakables are protected and you've packed your towels already.

4. Vacuum Seal

When I move, I vacuum seal as much as I can. I've vacuum sealed my mattress, bags of clothes and liquids to prevent spilling.

You can either use a vacuum seal bag with a vacuum cleaner, or a food saver for smaller items.

5. Pack Plates Vertically

Next time you move, pack your plates vertically in the box with enough padding.

This will prevent them from breaking more easily.

6. Take A Picture Of Your Electronics

When you're dismantling your TV andRadio, take a picture of the back side.

That way, when you are about to instal everything in your new place you can easily real what cable goes where.

7. Use A Coloring Coding System

You can use a coloring system in different ways.

Usually people color their boxes the same color that belongs in the same room.

Other times, people color boxes that contain breakables. That way movers know they have to be extra careful.

8. Hire Movers

Hire movers. I recently moved myself, and I paid some incredible movers a few hundred dollars to move my entire apartment.

They did an amazing job, and while I moved a few things myself, I wouldn't have been able to do the entire apartment by myself.

Sometimes time and energy is worth more than money.

9. Take Photos And Video Before Leaving Rental Apartment

If you're renting an apartment, take photos AND a video showing what the apparent looks like exactly after you're leaving.

I'm specifying the video, because in case there are discrepancies and your ex-landlord says you've destroyed something and maybe photoshopped the pictures you took, you have a video to extra cover/insure yourself.

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10. Fill Nail Holes With Bar Of White Soap

This is a strange one, but if your wall is colored white, try and cover up nail holes with a bar of white soap.

11. Remind Yourself To Change Your Address

Definitely remind yourself to change your address when you move.

If you have any Amazon orders that are coming in or people sending you packages, refer them to your new address.

12. Or Get A Physical Mailing Address

I myself have an additional "Physical Mailing Address".

It's similar to a P.O. Box, except there are actual people there, allowing me to get rid of the P.O. Box limitations.

They take my packages, and when I am moving somewhere else for a few months or a year, I keep the same physical address and tell them to mail my mail/packages to me for a small fee.

I actually now have my mail going to my physical mailing address, and have the packages go to my physical living address, simply because I need the packages, but the mail can wait.

I mostly receive all my mail/notifications via email, and don't need my regular mail that often.

13. Need To Get Rid Of Stuff? Join A Facebook Sell Group

If you're looking to sell stuff quick, don't even bother with Craigslist or eBay. Yes, they may still do the job, but the fastest way I've sold stuff is via a Facebook Selling group.

Find a Facebook group where students in your town are looking for stuff to buy.

Stuff is being sold like hot cakes!

14. Hire A Sitter For Children For During The Move

Moving with a baby is extremely hard. I know, because I recently did it.

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Definitely hire a baby sitter to watch your baby/children.

That way you can work more efficiently and faster.


Moving is stressful. I know, because I recently did it.

I also learnt that there plenty of ways and moving hacks that can help you make your moving experience more fun!

What about you? Do you know of any moving hacks that can make your moving experience a bit easier? Feel free to share them in the comment section down below!

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