12 Creative Ways To Make $100 In 24 Hours

No one said it’d be easy, but it is doable.

Earning $100 in a day at your regular job is pretty normal, but finding a way to earn $100 in a non-traditional way is something else.

With non-traditional I mean, “Creative”. Something “Out of the box”.

With that being said, I’ve listed a dozen creative ways below how I’ve earned $100 in a day myself, which you can try out for yourself.

12 Creative Ways To Make $100 In 24 Hours

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1. Sell Your Pokémon Cards

Yup, because of Pokémon Go’s hype your old Pokémon cards could be worth thousands of dollars.

The basic unlimited ones are worth a few hundred dollars, so it could be as easy as just selling on basic card to earn $100.

2. Sell Clothes

Have some old clothes hanging around? Try and sell them at a market.

We’ve sold many old clothes and have gotten as much as $500 in a weekend.

3. Sell Furniture

Furniture pieces will easily get you $100. Put some on Craigslist and if they’re in good shape you’ll easily get $100 depending on what type of furniture it is.

4. Sell Books

Have some old books laying around? Find a local book store and sell them.

If you have some newer books you’re trying to get rid of, put them on Craigslist or eBay.

People still pay top dollar for a used, popular book these days.

5. Tutor For 10 Hours Straight

As mentioned in one of our other articles, you can now tutor from home on your phone English to Chinese students.

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NiceTalk will pay you $10 per hour to teach Chinese students English!

6. Use AppCash Money’s Glitch

The app “AppCash” has a glitch that will let you earn daily points over and over again by messing with your phones date/time.

This may be a bit unethical, but still a way to earn enough points to earn $100 via Pay Pal.

7. Drive For Uber

If you have a car, sign up for Uber.

Uber drivers make good money nowadays, and if you live in a populated city you could end up earning $100 faster than you may think.

8. Busk

If you have any musical skills, go and busk on the streets.

I’ve busked on the street a few times and had $50 in less than 2 hours.

The key here is to find a great and populated area. Usually a shopping mall does very well.

9. Babysit

There are always people looking for someone to watch their baby.

If you charge more than $10/hour, you could reach $100 pretty fast if you have a noon session and an evening session.

10. Hug A Stranger

Yup, there are people out there making bank hugging other people.

It’s very strange, but a real thing. Learn more here.

11. Join Our Membership & Affiliate Marketing Program

Yep, you’ve got that right. You have the ability to get paid as a member at HTLITUS. How? Let me explain.

We’re thinking of creating a membership section on our site for $4.99/month. For every member who refers someone else to become a new member for at least 3 months, we’ll pay you $10 per referral.

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So, if you have 10 friends who are interested in personal finance and would love to learn and make some extra money themselves, refer them to join our membership and you’ll be paid $100 for those 10 referrals.

Again, they have to be a member for at least 3 months before you get paid out.

While the membership section is still in development, you have the ability to put yourself on our waiting list.

Simply email us at howtoliveintheus@gmail.com, with the title Membership List, and we’ll put you on our waiting list to becoming a money making member.

Let’s be honest, we’re a website about personal finance, business and making money, so we wouldn’t be a great website if we wouldn’t create that opportunity for our members.

When you are our member, you can expect exclusive content, more detailed and well explained money making/saving tips, 24/7 customer service when it comes to any related questions to our blog and so much more.

We’ll also be adding a video channel with valuable content, tips, hacks and resources.

12. Donate At Goodwill

You may not receive $100 in actual cash, but if you have an item worth $100, you could get a tax write off at Goodwill when you donate it to them.


If you’re creative you can earn a ton of money.

That’s why entrepreneurs are creative, because they know that’s the way to go.

How about you? Do you know any creative ways that could earn you $100 in 24 hours?

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  1. Can you explain the whole AppCash glitch a bit more? What do you need to do to activate the glitch?

    Does it still work?

  2. After reading all these different ways to make some money fast or near future, It got my gears turning much faster and kind of lifted my spirits up. The doom and gloom feeling went away. Thanks 🙂

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