12 Ikea Hacks That Will Save You Money

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I recently made a few big purchases at my local Ikea store, which forced me to do some research into ways I could save some extra money. With that being said, I stumbled upon some incredible Ikea hacks I had never heard of.

Nonetheless, these are some great Ikea hacks worth covering, which could end up saving you hundreds of dollars on your purchases.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at the list we’ve put together for ya!

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12 Ikea Hacks That Will Save You Money

1. Join Ikea’s Moving Program And Receive $25 For Free

Sign up at the Ikea moving program and receive a $25 discount.

Next spend at least $250 in one purchase to receive $25 off each time.

So if you’re thinking of buying a desk and a chair, you’ll reach that discount very easily.

You just have to provide some information like your past address and new address, and you’re ready to go.

2. Receive Extra Parts For Free

Missing or broken parts?

Figure out the missing part number (you can find your part number in the instructions manual) and call your local Ikea store to ask for a free replacement.

3. The “As-Is” Section Has Discounted Items

Before you enter the wholesale section of Ikea, check the store’s “as-is” room for discounted, preassembled products.

The As-Is section has items that were either returned, used as display products, or slightly damaged.

In this case, all of the “As-Is” items will be listed at a huge discount.

Another upside is that you don’t have to assemble your furniture since it’s already pre-assembled.

4. Join the Ikea Family Program For More Discounts.

Ikea’s Family Program can help you score the greatest deals with the best discounts!

With the Family Program, you’ll receive special discounts, members-only savings events announcements, 90-day price protection,  early sales announcements, and even a FREE coffee/tea in the store’s restaurant.

5. Use Your Credit Card’s Cash Rewards

If you happen to have a credit card that offers cash back or rewards for purchases, definitely use it.

Also always make sure you pay off your balance, full and in time!

6. Price-Check Online

Before purchasing any of their pricier items, look up similar priced/quality items and make sure you’re getting the best deal at the correct store.

7. Eat Before You Shop

Doing anything with an empty stomach is a very dangerous thing.

In this case, shopping at Ikea while feeling hungry could lead to you rushing through the process and not really focussing on getting the most out of your Ikea experience.

Consider eating at home before you shop, rather than at their restaurant.

8. Check the Website For Local Deals

Be sure to check Ikea’s website for local deals in their “Offers” section of the site.

9. Plan Before You Purchase to Avoid Extra Purchases

It’s so easy to end up buying unnecessary things at Ikea. Their smaller/cooler items are just so inexpensive, but could run up to a lot if you let yourself go.

Budget, and stick to your list of items you need!

10. Use Ikea Delivery Instead Of U-Haul!

Ikea offers a home delivery service that starts at less than $60, depending on your distance from the nearest store location.

While a U-Haul may cost $20 to rent for the day if you stay in town, Ikea does deliver into your home, which is much more convenient.

11. Pay Attention To Those “Last Chance” Tags.

Check out their YELLOW TAGS with the words “last chance” written on them.

They’re used for items that are discontinued or for the last products in a limited edition collection.

 Typically you could see a “Yellow Tag” discount between 15% to 50% off.

12. Wait For The Kitchen Sale.

IKEA usually throws a huge kitchen sale a few times per year, however it seems like lately they have been slacking in general.

With those kitchen sales, you can easily get up to 20% off, which is huge on expensive kitchen items/parts.

In general you could see savings anywhere from $500 to $1,500 on kitchen items.


These are some of the best and most well known Ikea hacks that could end up saving you hundreds of dollars.

When you’re at your local Ikea store, ask if they are aware of anymore ways you can save more money on purchases.

What about you? Do you know of any Ikea hacks that could save us money? Feel free to share in the comment section down below!

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