10 Smart Phone Hacks That Could Save Your Life

Since we have our phones with us, all the time, we thought it would be fitting to focus a little bit on how they – instead of entertaining us all the time – could actually save our lives.

So, we’ve put together a list of 10 awesome smartphone hacks that could save your lives.

Some hacks are awesome apps that could be really helpful, and some are just plain old tricks that could save your life in case of an emergency.

Without further ado, let’s check them out!

Hiking Tracker

There are several hiking apps that have similar purposes, where you have the ability to track your path from when you start, so you can easily find your way back in case you are lost.

One example of a great hiking trackers is Map My Hike.

Find My iPhone

When I got my first iPhone, this app used to be active all the time. Then I forgot about it for a while, and when I recently purchased an iPhone 6 and an iPad, I decided to install it again on all devices.

Since now – compared to 5 years ago – we all have 4G or LTE, the apps purpose has become much more important. Allow my iPad access to the app allows me to easily track down my iPhone via Find My iPhone.

I also know there used to be a Find My Mac, though I haven’t been able to find the app ever since I’ve last seen it.

Note Between Phone And Case

We all know the hack where we put some extra money between your phone and your case.

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Just in case your phone happens to die, and you need money for a pay phone, food, bus or cab.

But what most people tend to forget, is to add a simple and small note in there with several emergency numbers on it.

See, we all rely so much on our phone to remember our emergency phone numbers for us, but when our phones our dead, we don’t remember them.

Having a note with you will allow you to have a physical back up of any emergency phone numbers which you can call inc as your phone has died.

Find My Car

It happens. You’re out and about, in a new city you’ve never been. You’ve parked your car somewhere and a few hours later when you’re going back to your car you can’t find it anymore.

Find My Car works similar to find my iPhone, except you tell the app where your car is located and it will remember it for you. That way, you can easily track it down on a map if you happen to have forgotten where you’ve parked your car.

Invert Screen Colors

When you’re out and about, or even traveling long distances by car and happen to be driving at night when you’re reaching that point you may be getting tired, it may be safer for your eyes to look at an inverted home screen if you’re checking something for a second then a regular iPhone screen that could blind you.

You shouldn’t look at your phone while driving at all as it’s extremely dangerous, but if you happen to be on a long drive, or even looking at your gps from time to time, it may be safer for your eyes and life to have your screen’s colors inverted.

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Put Emergency Information On Lock Screen

In Case of Emergency (ICE), create a home screen where when your phone is locked, people could still find your “in case of emergency” contact information”


This app can help your loved ones find you in case of an emergency. Bugle is a free notification service that alerts your family if you don’t check in when you’re expected to. The app lets you create an activity log, determine a check-in time and assign an emergency contact.

So, if you log that you’re going on a hike and you don’t check-in by the time you selected, the app will immediately contact your designated contact. This app is ideal for when people travel abroad and visit unfamiliar places. In case you do go missing, it can alert family and friends.

Family Locator

Family Locater by Life360 basically works as a tracker. This location-sharing app keeps record of friends and family and places them on a map so everyone knows where they are at any given time. Of course, users within these “Circles” can turn off their location-sharing feature at will.

This app can be very helpful when traveling or roaming unfamiliar places. Family members can send automatic alerts to their Circles when they arrive to their destination or they leave a certain place. They can also message each other and share to-do lists.

Red Panic Button

In case of emergency: press the Red Panic Button. This app can send an emergency message to any email or number with a press of a button. You can preset an emergency message and contact and if you ever press the button, the app will send that person an alert with your location. Red Panic Button is GPS based, so as long as you have reception you should be able to use it.

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Disaster Alert

Sometimes it’s mother nature who puts our lives in danger.

If you happen to live in an area prone to natural disasters, storms, volcanoes or anything else, this app will notify you when things start picking up, in the hopes of warning you before things get too ugly!

There you go. 10 Awesome smart phone hacks that could save your life.

Do you happen to know of any other smart phone hacks? Feel free to share them with everyone in the comment section down below!

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