10 Greatest Motivational Speeches Of All Time

Growing up, I was constantly looking for ways to get better at what I was doing in life.

Motivation and inspiration that would help me push my boundaries when it came to sports, education and art.

With that being said, I didn't discover motivational speeches and motivational books at all until I went to college, but when I did I felt like I was in heaven.

Nowadays, there are so many incredible artists, actors, professionals and innovators sharing their wisdom with thousands of people, and the best part of it all is that it's being recorded and put on the internet for the rest of the world to enjoy it too.

I know that these may not be "your" greatest motivational speeches of all time, but being the motivational speaker nut that I have become since college, I've listened to probably hundreds if not lost thousands of different motivational speeches.

In the end, I just find that there's something so special about hearing an authority speak to a bunch of youngsters at a commencement address, motivating them with all they've got. All their wisdom, knowledge and power.

So, I've listed - what I consider to be - my personal list of motivational speeches which I personally consider to be the greatest speeches of all time.

Don't get me wrong, there are so many others out there. There are thousands and thousands of great speeches out there, but when you break it down and think about what a motivational speech is really about, you realize it's all about preparing someone to do the next big thing. And I think commencement speeches get pretty close to the true meaning of that.

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Without further ado, let's have a look at my own personal selection of the 10 greatest motivational speeches of all times.

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Steve Jobs | Stanford Commencement Speech 2005

This is one of the very first commencement speeches I every saw on YouTube, and it's definitely in my top 3 favorites.

Steve Jobs sharing his knowledge and wisdom with Stanford graduating class of 2005.

Arnold Schwarzenegger | USC Commencement Speech 2009

I'm a huge Arnie fan, and even in this USC commencement address of 2009 he does it again.

He shares some of his biggest life lessons he has learnt throughout his career that he believes have helped him get successful and earn millions of dollars.

Peter Dinklage | Bennington College Speech 2012

Although I don't watch Game Of Thrones, at all, I instantly became a Peter Dinklage fan after hearing is incredible speech at Bennington.

Though not always motivating, Peter shared his life's path post college/pre success, which shed some light on some of the more uncomfortable questions students may have had, but were too afraid to ask.

Great speech! And even though I've only seen it once myself, I'll probably be rewatching it soon again.

Jim Carrey | Maharishi Commencement Speech 2014

I'm an absolute Jim Carrey fan, and even here his goofiness has a part in it.

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Though everyone laughs for a big part of the speech due to Jim's inability to stay serious, this was a rather more emotional/serious side I've never seen of Jim.

One of my more favorite speeches that I recently learnt about, for sure.

Steven Spielberg | Harvard Commencement Speech 2016

Spielberg's speech at the Harvard commencement Speech is just a classic.

I respect him as a business man and artists, and find that there isn't too much footage of Spielberg sharing wisdom and knowlegde, and therefore thought it was important to include this one in the list.

Natalie Portman | Harvard Commencement Speech 2015

Elon Musk | CalTech Commencement Speech 2012

I was pleased to learn that Mr. Musk had done a commencement speech.

I didn't learn about his speech until recently and actually quite enjoyed it.

He shared some great advice and lessons he has learnt as a business man from start PayPal, Tesla and SpaceX.

Tom Hanks | Vassar College Commencement 2005

I absolutely love Tom Hanks as an actor, and even so in this speech he shows how wonderful of a man he truly is, sharing some of his life's lessons and advice with the graduating class of Vassar college.

Oprah Winfrey | Harvard Commencement 2013

Oprah is the ultimate business magnet/celebrity who went from having absolutely nothing in life, to being one of the most powerful, rich and influential women in the world.

This speech shows again how precious life's lessons can be and how failure is a key part to ones success.

Bill Gates | Harvard Commencement 2007 

Another great one from Bill that I just absolutely had to include.

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There you have it. Listed are 10 motivational speeches that I regularly listen to to get motivation in my own persona and business life to keep on pushing and expand my boundaries and limits.

Hope you enjoy!

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