10 Easy Magic Tricks That Will Blow Your Friends’ Minds

For those of you who have been following my blog for a while, you know that personal finance is my number one topic I love talking about.

But I also love learning new things, all the time. I’ll try and learn a new skill every few months, and as for now I’m getting more and more interested in magic tricks.

Simple magic tricks. Tricks that anyone could perform.

Tricks that may require the use of a card deck or a quarter.

Tricks that will blow your friends’ minds.

With that being said, during my quest in learning magic tricks I came across some incredible, yet simple tricks that we can all learn very easily.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at 10 awesome and super easy magic tricks that will blow your friends’ minds.

The 10 Awesome Magic Tricks List!

1. Easy & Awesome Card Trick

This is amazing card trick performed by YouTube user “Mismag822 – The Card Trick User”.

2. Pass A Coin Through Your Hand

This classic trick is performed by YouTube user “Howcast”.

3. Crazy Pencil Trick

This pencil trick is performed by YouTube user Julian from “Julian’s Magician School”. The trick is a version of Dai Vernon’s Chinese matches.

4. Super Easy Magic Trick With Paper Napkin

This cool trick is performed by YouTube user “SankyMagic”.

5. Easy Street Magic: Coin Trick Revealed

This is a great magic trick performed with a coin by YouTube user “Free Magic Live”.

6. Easy Magic Trick With Two Cards

This is a great go-to card trick that involves two spectators each picking a card performed by YouTube user “Disturb Reality”

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7. Easy Magic Trick For Kids, Floating Ketchup

This is a super cool magic trick performed by Mary from “maryjlockwood”.

8. Coin Vanish

This is another great coin trick by Julian’s Magician School!

9. The Best Card Trick In The World

This is – according to “Tricklandia” the best card trick in the world! Check it out!

10. Britain’s Got Talent Card Tricks

As a closer I decided to share a great and fun video of magic performed on Britain’s Got Talent.

Learn all these easy magic tricks mentioned above and you too could end up on a great talent show showing off your new tricks!

Hope you enjoy!

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