20 Apps That Save Money On Groceries

Looking to save some money on your groceries? Not really into cutting out coupons and saving them in a pile, having them lay around the house until you actually need them? Here are 20 apps that can save you hundreds of dollars and are super easy to use. Without further ado, let’s have a look at the list!

Ibotta (iOSAndroid)

Ibotta is known to be many people’s favorite app when it comes to saving money on groceries. They offer a large variety of cash back options at just about any store. Even though the app started out as a tool to save money on groceries, since then they have expanded into different areas of commerce. The process is fairly easy. Go ahead and check it out in the app store for more information and download.

how to save money on groceries

Checkout 51 (iOS, Android)

Checkout 51 is another very popular money saving app that works very similar to Ibotta. In a way it works even easier then Ibotta, as the only thing you really have to do is scan and snap a picture. Both Ibotta an Checkout 51 have their own unique deals, but combined you could save twice as much per item.

Shopmium (Android)

Shopmium works very similar to Checkout 51 and Ibotta, though it doesn’t always have as many deals and doesn’t work with as many shops and markets.

SavingStar (iOS, Android)

SavingStar is an amazing money saving app when it comes to groceries. Usually apps and companies will announce sales and discounts on bulk stuff, though SavingStar also encourages its users to eat healthy by promoting a “healthy offer of the week”.

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Groupon Snap (iOS, Android)

Another great money saving app on groceries. I believe this one happened to be one of the latest ones to get into the game. Some of their offers expire and you can only use once, unlike some other money saving apps.

Favado (iOS, Android)

Favado is probably the least well designed app, though has been getting the reputation of being the most practical. Instead of offering deals and cash back rewards, it shows you what’s on sale at each specific store. It also shows which coupon you could use and where to find them. It’s a great app which helps you become aware of where the sales are and how you can save money the old way.

Southern Savers (iOS, Android)

This is the perfect app for extreme couponers. SS provides the latest updates on your deals and discounts at your favorite store. It’s also a great educational tool if you’re new to couponing, where it will teach you the coupon lingo, show how to get the most out of your deals , ho to combine certain offers and much more. Definitely a must have!

Receipt Hog (Android)

This is one of the older players in the game. Another great money saving app when it comes to groceries, though they implement the “earn coins for cash” system, which I’m personally not a fan off. I think that system works with money earning apps, but not money saving apps. Though, let’s not complain about another way to save more money.

Farmstand (iOS, Android)

Farmstand’s a great app that will help you find local, in-season food and get the most out of your budget.

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Grocery Pal (iOS, Android)

Grocery Pal will help you find the best deals and show you what things are on sale in your favorite supermarket, discount stores and pharmacies.

Coupon Sherpa (iOS, Android)

This app will help you find coupons, instead of clipping coupons. When you reach the cashier, simply show the bar code displayed in the app and the cashier can scan your codes to provide any discounts.

Apples2Oranges (iOS)

This app allows you to compare prices between two products, in order to which one can give you the most for your money.

Key Ring (iOS, Android)

This app allows you to digitize all of your rewards cards, having access to all of them in your phone, rather then carrying a handful of reward cards in your wallet or keychain.

GroceryTrip (iOS)

Instead of writing down all of the ingredients you need for a specific recipe, GroceryTrip will scan the required recipe for you and compile it into a list.

CellFire (iOS, Android)

CellFire allows you to store your loyalty cards directly on your phone, making it easier for you to save money while at the store.

Grocery IQ (iOS, Android)

Grocery IQ allows you to build your grocery list from a database containing a ton of items which you can search by text, scan a certain bar code  and voice recognition.

mySupermarket (iOS, Android)

This app allows you to place an online order with several retailers, while comparing prices between eight different retailers. Great and simple app!

Paprika (iOS, Android)

Paprika is a great app if you’re the person who loves to plan your meals ahead of time. It allows you to store recipes, sort them in meal plans and create a shopping list for those items you need in order to make your meal.

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ShopKick (iOS, Android)

This app does 2 main things. It shows you nearby deals to take advantage of and it rewards you with “kicks” for completing certain tasks such as entering a store, scanning bar codes and making purchases.

SnipSnap (iOS, Android)

This app will turn your physical coupons into digital ones. The only thing you have to do is take a picture of your coupon and the app will automatically digitize it and store it on your phone. One of its cooler features is that it’ll alert you of certain coupons you have for a store when you enter that specific store.

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  1. These are some wonderful apps and I can only imagine how much you end up saving if you use these regularly. Groceries are probably the second or thirst largest expense category and it helps to save every cent.

  2. I am excited to try Key Ring and CellFire. I always seem to lose my loyalty cards, but I am usually in such a hurry that I don’t have time for them to look me up. These apps would eliminate that hassle.

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